The Hong Kong Green Building Week (HKGBW) is an annual public campaign co-organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). Themed “Unite Green Building Powers, Fight for Carbon Neutrality by 2050!”, the 2023 campaign aims to encourage the public to explore and appreciate local green buildings and better understand their importance and benefits, and gather the power of the whole community to achieve the 2050 carbon neutrality target.


Four Green Building Powers
To further enhance the public's recognition of how green buildings benefit humans and the environment, this year’s Hong Kong Green Building Week focuses on four Green Building Powers, including Health and Well-being, Resource Efficiency, Environmental Friendliness and Innovative Elements, and offers a diverse line-up of public activities.



The “Let's Unite! Green Building KOL Video Competition” is the opening programme of HKGBW 2023, inviting the public to become green building KOLs and focusing on four main Green Building Powers—namely Health and Well-being, Resource Efficiency, Environmental Friendliness, and Innovative Elements, to capture the beauty of green buildings in the city.

This year's competition consists of two categories: the KOL Group and the Thematic Group (Public/Parent-child). All participants are required to follow the guidelines from the "Green Building Guidebook" , which requires them to produce creative and engaging short videos of designated green buildings. The videos should highlight the Green Building Powers of these locations so that they can participate in one or both categories. For more information on the four designated green buildings, four Green Building Powers and the must-read tips of the video competition, please refer to the "Green Building Guidebook".

Winners of each categories have been announced on the HKGBC social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram).

Public Voting for “The Most Popular Award”

For the two categories, one best video was selected for each designated green building (a total of 8 videos) to compete for the “The Most Popular Award” in the public voting session. From 1 September to 11:59pm on 30 September, the public can watch the shortlisted videos on the competition website and vote for your favourite work!

Public Voting for “The Most Popular Award”

The Green Building Guidebook Four Designated Green Buildings

Let's Unite! Green Building Guided Tour
and Green Building KOL Workshop

The “Let's Unite! Green Building Guided Tour and Green Building KOL Workshop” was successfully held on 24 Jun at CIC-Zero Carbon Park. Professional tutor Phaedrus LAM shared a lot of video creation experience with the participants.

ArtLane Clubhouse Shooting Open Day 
The clubhouses of One ArtLane and Two ArtLane were opened on 8 July for participants to explore and film video footage of the green building features for joining the "Let's Unite! Green Building KOL Video Competition".



Biz-Green Dress Day 2023

This year, we have achieved a record-breaking number of supporting organisations, attracting over 200 companies to join us. The Biz-Green Dress Day was successfully held on 6 September. On the event day, the mascots, Captain Green Building and Hanson, visited the offices of Henderson Land Development and Schneider Electric. The staff of both companies were dressed in a professional yet light and stylish attire, incorporating four colours representing the four Green Building Powers. They also shared low-carbon tips for the office with us!



The public event of this year's Hong Kong Green Building Week, themed “Green Building Game Tour” leads the public to embark on a green building journey in various ways and experience different types of green buildings.

The first activity features guided tours led by green building experts combined with various themed workshops. Registration is now open! Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please sign up now!

*Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent to participate in the event.
**To participate in the activity, you must sign up as the Friends of Green Building. For more details, please refer to the registration form.


The West Kowloon Cultural District is designed to be an urban oasis that brings people closer to nature and culture. Multiple environmental initiatives have been introduced, and consistently adopting the three key principles to environment sustainability, including low-energy consumption, low-carbon emissions and low-cost maintenance. The District is intended to be operated in such a way that environmental footprints are minimised through the use of new technologies and adoption of practical and affordable green initiatives. M+ attained BEAM Plus New Building V1.2 Final Gold rating in 2022; Hong Kong Palace Museum attained BEAM Plus New Building V1.2 Final Platinum rating in 2023; Xiqu Centre attained BEAM Plus New Building V1.2 Final Gold rating in 2019; last but not least, Freespace attained BEAM Plus New Building V1.2 Final Gold rating in 2022.

The San Wai Sewage Treatment Works can handle 200,000 cubic meters of sewage treatment capacity every day to support the development of the area. It is equipped with ultraviolet light disinfection to further enhance the environmental benefits of the sewage treatment plant. The administrative building and factory of San Wai Sewage Treatment Works utilise many sustainable forest products. The overall site planning and design are integrated in accordance with the Urban Design Guidelines and have attained the BEAM Plus New Buildings V1.2 Final Platinum accreditation.

Important notes:
  • Shuttle bus services between Yuen Long Station and the San Wai Sewage Treatment Works will be provided.
  • There is an age limit for this guided tour, and only accepts participants aged 9 and above.
  • Participants must wear safety helmets and reflective vests during the tour.

InnoCell is an intelligent living and collaborative space designed for Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks' innovation and technology talents, aiming to develop a collaborative community for innovation and technology. The building adopts the Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method, combining functionality and aesthetics to create a shared space for a new lifestyle with smart living technology. Additionally, the building incorporates green elements to provide residents with a comfortable living environment and alleviate stress. InnoCell attained BEAM Plus New Building V1.2 Final Platinum rating in 2021.
AIRSIDE is a 1.9 million square feet mixed-use development project located in the Kai Tak Development Area, including a Grade A office building with over 30 floors and 700,000 square feet of retail space. Building users are surrounded by greenery, terraces, and an open-air rooftop, enjoying the diverse natural ecology of the city and providing a comfortable experience. AIRSIDE also incorporates numerous green building designs, including cross ventilation windows, skylights, and cascading greenery, which are not only environmentally friendly but also efficient in resource utilisation. AIRSIDE attained BEAM Plus Neighbourhood V1.0 Platinum rating in 2018 and BEAM Plus New Building V1.2 Provisional Platinum rating in 2020.

Important notes:
  • A yoga experience class will be included in the guided tour at AIRSIDE. Participants are advised to wear appropriate sportswear and sports shoes.

Win Eco-friendly Gifts by Visiting the “Green Building Power Station”

From 23 to 29 September, the “Green Building Power Station” will pop up in four designated green buildings, featuring a giant gashapon machine.

Location and Time:
  • 2/F, Central Market (Mon to Thu: 13:30-18:30; Fri, Sat & Sun: 12:00-20:00)
  • L5, Cityplaza (Mon to Thu: 13:30-18:30; Fri, Sat & Sun: 12:00-20:00)    
  • L4, Metroplaza (Mon to Sun: 12:00-20:00)
  • 4/F, Langham Place (Mon to Sun: 12:00-20:00)

By following the Hong Kong Green Building Council's Facebook or Instagram page on the spot, participants can join in the fun capsule game. All you have to do is twist and draw a capsule, answering the question about green buildings correctly to win a chance to receive an eco-friendly gift. Over 2,000 gifts will be evenly distributed in all Green Building Power Stations. A limited number of gifts will be distributed each day on a first-come-first-served basis.

More activities of the Green Building Game Tour will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

There will be more upcoming events of HKGBW 2023, let's join together! 





Green Building Partners:
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Supporting Organisations of the HKGBW 2023:
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"Green Building Power Social Game" Sponsors:
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Please stay tuned to our website for all the current and upcoming programmes!

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Hong Kong Green Building Week is fully funded by the Construction Industry Council