The Hong Kong Green Building Week (HKGBW) is an annual public campaign co-organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). Themed “Unite Green Building Powers, Fight for Carbon Neutrality by 2050!”, the 2023 campaign held from 23 September to 29 September encouraged the public to explore and appreciate local green buildings, better understand their importance and benefits, and gather the power of the whole community to achieve the 2050 carbon neutrality target.


Overall Programme Highlights of Hong Kong Green Building Week 2023
Hong Kong Green Building Week 2022 had ended with great success! Thank you all for your support along the way. We had over 180 Supporting Organisations, over 1,000 competition and game participants, and over 250,000 Biz-Green Dress Day participants this year! See you next year!


Promotional Video of Hong Kong Green Building Week 2023
Themed “Unite Green Building Powers, Fight for Carbon Neutrality by 2050!”, four “Captains Green” together with Captain Green Building introduced and showcased how the four Green Building Powers contribute to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.



Four Green Building Powers

To further enhance the public's recognition of how green buildings benefit humans and the environment, this year’s Hong Kong Green Building Week focuses on four Green Building Powers, including Health and Well-being, Resource Efficiency, Environmental Friendliness and Innovative Elements, and offers a diverse line-up of public activities.


The Hong Kong Green Building Week 2023 officially kicked off on 23 September at the Atrium of the Xiqu Centre in the West Kowloon Cultural District. The event was officiated by Ms Diane WONG Shuk-han, JP, Under Secretary for Environment and Ecology, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr Ir Thomas HO On-sing, JP, Chairman of the Construction Industry Council, and Dr CHEUNG Tin-cheung, SBS, Chairman of the Hong Kong Green Building Council. Over 100 industry professionals and members of the public attended the ceremony, together witnessing the commencement of this important annual public event to promote green building. 

During the kick-off ceremony, the three officiating guests responded to the theme of "Unite Green Building Powers, Fight for Carbon Neutrality by 2050!" by wearing "Power Bracelets" made from environmentally friendly materials. These symbolised the collaborative efforts of Government, industry, and the public in promoting the widespread adoption of green building practices. Together, we can mobilise the entire city to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050! 

During the kick-off ceremony, an award presentation for the “Let’s Unite! Green Building KOL Video Competition” also took place, showcasing the brilliant creative video works conducted by the public participants which are themed to promote green buildings.

The “Let's Unite! Green Building KOL Video Competition” was the opening programme of HKGBW 2023, inviting the public to become green building KOLs and focusing on four main Green Building Powers—namely Health and Well-being, Resource Efficiency, Environmental Friendliness, and Innovative Elements, to capture the beauty of green buildings in the city.

The competition consisted of two categories: the KOL Group and the Thematic Group (Public/Parent-child). All participants were required to follow the guidelines from the "Green Building Guidebook", which required them to produce creative and engaging short videos of designated green buildings. The videos should highlight the Green Building Powers of these locations. Participants were welcome to join more than one category. For more information on the four designated green buildings, four Green Building Powers and the must-read tips of the video competition, please refer to the “Green Building Guidebook".

Winners of each category and “The Most Popular Award” had been announced on the HKGBC social media platforms and the competition website.

The Green Building Guidebook Four Designated Green Buildings

Let's Unite! Green Building Guided Tour
and Green Building KOL Workshop

The “Let's Unite! Green Building Guided Tour and Green Building KOL Workshop” was successfully held on 24 Jun at CIC-Zero Carbon Park. Professional tutor Phaedrus LAM shared a lot of video creation experience with the participants.

ArtLane Clubhouse Shooting Open Day 
The clubhouses of One ArtLane and Two ArtLane were opened on 8 July for participants to explore and film video footage of the green building features for joining the "Let's Unite! Green Building KOL Video Competition".



Biz-Green Dress Day 2023 Highlight Video
The Biz-Green Dress Day was successfully held on 6 September. On the event day, the mascots, Captain Green Building and Hanson, visited the offices of Henderson Land Development and Schneider Electric. The “4-Colour Biz-Green Outfits Social Challenge” received enthusiastic participation from over 50 companies and organisations. The winners for each award category had been selected. For the complete list of winners and their works, please refer to the Highlight Video. The video has been uploaded to HKGBC’s social media platforms and YouTube channel.

The Green Building Game Tour had successfully concluded. Hundreds of participants, led by the Green Building Experts, took part in green building guided tours with the themes of "Health and Wellbeing," "Resource Efficiency," "Sustainability," and "Innovation" at AIRSIDE, West Kowloon Cultural District, San Wai Sewage Treatment Works, and the InnoCell. All participants enjoyed the unique experience of learning about different green building features and engaging in inspirational workshops.

Additionally, the Green Building Power Station, a giant gashapon machine, appeared in four green buildings during the course of the event, namely Central Market, Cityplaza, Metroplaza, and Langham Place. Participants had the chance to finish green building-related tasks inside the capsules, enhancing their knowledge about green buildings, and receiving eco-friendly souvenirs as rewards.

Last but not least, the “Green Building Power Social Game” was launched from 23 September to 29 September. Participants could follow and subscribe to the Hong Kong Green Building Council's Facebook or Instagram page, like the relevant game posts, and reply to the green building-related questions within the posts. Most thoughtful participants had the chance to receive exquisite eco-friendly gifts, including Mil Mill Pop-up Napkin, Green One Lab One Roll Straw with Cutlery Pouch, Invisible Company Invisible Pooscard, ODEA! Sustainable Adventurer Backpack, Doughnut Official Recycled Materials Backpack Macaroon Gamescape Series, and more. The game had come to an end. The lists of winners were announced on the Council's social media platforms. Thank you for your support.

Thank you all for your support and participation in the Hong Kong Green Building Week 2023. See you again next year!





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Hong Kong Green Building Week is fully funded by the Construction Industry Council