Co-organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), the annual public event “Hong Kong Green Building Week 2021” had been held this year from 25 September to 1 October. The theme of the campaign is “Embrace Green Building – Decarbonise in One Step”. Through participation in the HKGBW 2021, the public gained deeper understanding on the importance of building decarbonisation, and adopting low-carbon lifestyle to contribute to carbon neutrality.

Hong Kong Green Building Week 2021 Promotional Video
The video features two main characters with a big grey ball on each of their bodies, symbolising carbon emission. Through the journey from 2021 to 2050, buildings successfully decarbonise and carbon neutrality could be realised in 2050. 

The video is now available on the Council’s Video Gallery, Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Don't miss out!


The opening ceremony was successfully held on 25 September at The Mills. Distinguished guests including Mr Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment, Mr Ivan Fu, Chairperson of the Committee on Environment of CIC, and Mr Cheung Hau-wai, Chairman of the HKGBC officiated the ceremony and kicked off the event in a refreshing way. Around 80 industry stakeholders attended the ceremony and witnessed the official launch of this flagship event.


After the announcement of HKGBW 2021 programme details, Mr Wong Kam-sing led the audience to take a group photo with a "0" gesture, meaning different parties would work together and contribute to a "zero" carbon built environment.


The ceremony was followed by a VIP Session of “Expert-Guided Tour” which was guided by the design team of The Mills and BEAM Pro. The guests strolled through The Mills in this guided tour and learnt about its various green building designs.



Complete the Green Building Tasks and Win Fabulous Prizes!

Six green buildings were selected this year for the “Green Building Game Tour”. The tour was be conducted in two different formats, namely the “Expert-Guided Tour” and the “Audio-Guided Tour”. At the tours, apart from learning a lot of green building messages, participants are challenged to various interactive tasks and games with their smartphones. By setting up your own account and completing the tasks on the game website, they can earn points and get a chance to win fabulous prizes!



The "Expert-Guided Tour" had been held on the 25 and 26 September, with three sessions each day from 12:00nn to 5:00pm. Guided by a BEAM Pro, you can explore and learn from the professionals about how green buildings are built and operate to enhance the living quality of urbanites.
o    International Commerce Centre (ICC)
o    Kowloon City Sewage Pumping Station No.1
o    The Mills

The quota of "Expert-Guided Tour" is very limited. Register NOW!

The "Audio-Guided Tour" features Hong Kong famous singer-songwriter, Terence Lam Ka-him, and the popular Disk Jockey, Bonnie Wong (Ah Jeng). They introduce four Green Buildings that are known for their stunning cultural and art elements, and explain the green building design. From 25 September to 8 October, you can scan the QR codes at the selected locations of the following green buildings, and follow the voice navigation of Terence Lam and Ah Jeng on the path to carbon neutrality.
o    K11 Musea
o    The Mills
o    Nina Mall
o    Xiqu Centre (West Kowloon Cultural District)

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Biz-Green Dress Day Highlight Video

To recap the Biz-Green Dress Day held on 8th September, the Council received record-breaking support from more than 150 organisations this year. The two mascots, "Hanson" and "Green Building Buddy", visited various offices to promote "green" clothing habits, in an attempt to reduce air-conditioning consumption by wearing light and breathable attire, thereby achieving energy saving and carbon reduction. Through interactive games, the Council shared ”Biz- Green” tips on office decarbonisation with office staff! In addition, photos from different companies and organisations were featured in the Biz-Green Dress Day Highlight Video. Check it out now!



To educate the public about building decarbonisation, the Council is launching a series called “A-Z Green Building Decarbonisation Card” to bring out low-carbon habits with the 26 English letters. In collaboration with local illustrators, we have created the corresponding scene for each card and engage the public with interactive games on the Council's Facebook Page. Don't miss out on the chance to win awesome prizes.



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Hong Kong Green Building Week is fully funded by the Construction Industry Council