Hong Kong Green Building Week 2019

Hong Kong Green Building Week (HKGBW), the annual territory-wide event returns on 21-22 September 2019. Themed "Green Building Exploration", various events were carried out for mass public to promote green buildings in Kowloon East and how green building helps combating climate change, as well as encourage green practices in Hong Kong.

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HKGBW 2019 Opening Ceremony



For this year Opening Ceremony, Mr WONG Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment, Ar. Stephen HO, Assistant Director – Industry Development & Estates Office of CIC, Ir Cary CHAN, Executive Director of HKGBC and HKGBW Ambassador Ms Sisley CHOI were invited to be the officiating guests to kick off the 2-day event with representatives of HKGBC Board of Directors, Standing Committee, and Supporting Organisations.

Themed “Green Building Exploration”, guests held a magnifier to explore the buildings to find out their “Green features” in the kick off. During the ceremony, Mr WONG and Sisley shared their Green tips to the audience and encourage people to save electricity by different green practices.

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Green Building Exploration Challenge


Nearly 500 participants joined the first ever “Green Building Exploration Challenge” by visiting different green buildings in Kowloon East on 21 September including Headquarter of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Energizing Kowloon East Office, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building, CITAC etc. to finish Green buildings related missions. Participants shared that they had learnt much on green buildings and the features, which significantly accomplished the Council’s key mission to promote green building messages to the mass public.

Check out the Photo Gallery of the Challenge.


Green Building Carnival & Bus Tour




Various exciting activities at “Green Building Carnival” on 21-22 September engaged a great number of mass public to discover what green building is. Sponsored by New World First Bus, a Bus Tour was organised to bring visitors to travel around Kowloon East and discover the green buildings. BEAM Professionals stationed on the bus acted as ambassadors to introduce the green features of each building to the visitors while some of the buildings also opened and provided guided tours to the visitors. Click here to know more about the Green Buildings in Kowloon East (Chinese only).


Workshops, mini games and guided tours were arranged for visitors to learn green knowledge by using recycled building materials to create light balls, potted plants and more. There were also Green Bazaar and green stage performances to promote sustainable habits to visitors.

Check out the Photo Gallery of the Carnival and Bus Tour.


Biz-Green Dress Day

Biz-Green Dress Day, a programme which encourages office workers to support for a greener workplace by wearing light yet professional to save energy through reducing air-conditioning consumption was held on 5 September. A Mascot Tour of Hanson and Green Building Buddy was arranged on the same day to call for action. We received supports from not only office workers but also students and children!

Check out the Photo Gallery of the Biz-Green Dress Day.



World Green Building Week

The HKGBW also echoes the World Green Building Week, a worldwide flagship campaign organised by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC).

World Green Building Week is an annual event that aims to motivate and empower us all to deliver greener buildings. This year took place from 23 - 29 September, the theme is #BuildingLife. The goal is raise greater awareness of the carbon emissions from all stages of a building’s lifecycle, and therefore encourage new practices and new ways of thinking to work towards reducing carbon emissions from buildings. For more details of World Green Building Week 2019, please click here.





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Hong Kong Green Building Week is fully funded by the Construction Industry Council