Co-organised by Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), the annual public event “Hong Kong Green Building Week 2020” (HKGBW 2020) returned virtually from 5 December to 11 December. With a 7-day campaign themed “Green Buildings TEAM UP for a Zero-carbon Future”, this campaign aimed to bring the construction industry, the government and the public together to fight for a zero-carbon future through green buildings. 

Carbon emissions are getting serious in Hong Kong? Let’s go, Green Building Team!

Our activities in buildings account for 90% of electricity consumption in Hong Kong, which equals 60% of carbon emissions! Mr Raymond Wong Ho-yin, the ambassador of the Hong Kong Green Building Week 2020, transformed into a Green Building Expert and ‘team up’ with an adorable Low-Carbon Expert, for a zero-carbon future! 

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For the Opening Ceremony, Mr Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment, Mr Cheung Hau-wai, SBS, Chairman of HKGBC, Mr Ivan Fu, MH, JP, Chairperson of Committee on Environment of CIC, and Mr Raymond Wong Ho-yin, the event ambassador shared their green living experience with the audience.

Followed by the “TEAM UP Quiz Competition”, Mr Leung Wing-mo, Former Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Lance Lau, Young Climate Activist, Regen Cheung, Cantopop singer, Ahjeng, host of Commercial Radio, and students concerning the environment joined them for an exciting green building quiz game.

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"TEAM UP Quiz Competition" - Online Game:

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Watch the video and answer the questions in 'comments' on HKGBC’s Facebook Page and you may have a chance to win the following prizes. For the game details, please visit HKGBC's Facebook Page.

LANE-EIGHT Trainer AD 1 Workout Shoes in any colour
HK$750 (1 winner wins 1 pair)

Doughnut’s Nomad Collection Pyramid Bag
HK$430 (5 winners each)


The “Green Building ‘TEAM’ Chat”, invited experts in climate and sustainable construction, along with seasoned guests to discuss the relationship between sustainability and construction in the carbon emissions reduction from both macro and micro perspectives. Facilitated by former News Reporter, Ms Karen Cheng, the programme encouraged an open discussion of the importance of green buildings in alleviating global warming and sustainable lifestyles.


Green Buildings x Climate Expert

Global Warming is no doubt a ticking time bomb. How do green buildings help? Mr Leung Wing-mo, the Former Assistant Director of the HK Observatory had a discussion on green buildings and climate change.



Green Buildings Professional x Sustainability Youngster

What does it mean to be a “green building”? Tony Ip, a reputable green architect, and Lance Lau, a young climate activist who is also dubbed “Hong Kong’s Greta Thunberg”, talked about green buildings and its sustained impacts.



Green Buildings x Everyday Family Life

It is never too late to teach your children about sustainability and green buildings. Norman and Loretta, local parent bloggers shared with us their sustainability-driven parenting in this interactive session.


The “Green Building Tour” was hosted by celebrity guests Ben Sir, renowned linguist, Ahjeng and Elsie Lui from LA Girls, Chris Leung, travel programme host together with Green Building experts (BEAM Pro), who toured a list of unique green buildings located in the east of Hong Kong Island. Explore how green buildings enhance the quality of life among urban communities!

Videos are also available on the HKGBC’s Facebook Page.


Green Building Tour: Feng-shui

Guest:Ben Sir
Green Buildings:

  • One Taikoo Place
  • Towngas Headquarters

Let's follow Ben Sir and BEAM Pro Melody to the first Green Building Tour, One TaiKoo Place and Towngas Headquarters! As "Feng-shui" literally means "wind and water" in Chinese, green building features focusing on the 2 aspects were presented you in this episode. Explore the relationship between green buildings and "Feng-shui" now!



Green Building Tour: The Travellers

Guest:Chris Leung, LA Girls
Green Buildings:

  • K11 ATELIER King's Road
  • Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (Chai Wan Campus)

Can't wait to travel again! In the second episode, travel specialist Chris Leung and BEAM Pro Ivan took us on an in-depth green building tour in Hong Kong, exploring the beautiful scenery of K11 ATELIER King’s Road. On the other side, LA Girls Ahjeng & Elsie Lui, "travelled" to Thei, and discovered a local greenhouse and other "instagrammable" spots!



Green Building Tour: Just Chill

Guest:Ben Sir, LA Girls
Green Buildings:

  • Wah Ha Estate
  • Hysan Place

Relax and Chill~ In the last episode, Ben Sir and BEAM Pro Melody brought us to Hysan Place to experience a comfortable green building and stress-free life. What's more, the transformation of Wah Ha Estate amazed LA Girls and BEAM Pro Ivan with its green features as a Grade II Historic Building. Check them out now! 



Green Building Tour - Online Game:

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Watch the videos and answer the questions in 'comments' on HKGBC’s Facebook Page and you may have a chance to win the following prizes. For the game details, please visit HKGBC's Facebook Page.

LANE-EIGHT Trainer AD 1 Workout Shoes in any colour
HK$750 (1 winner wins 1 pair)

Doughnut’s Nomad Collection Drip Bag
HK$230 (3 winners each)


[The game has ended] 

The HKGBW launched a series of online games featuring content on green buildings and practical tips of low-carbon living and a goal-setting feature that encouraged audiences to convert their knowledge into action. Audiences may watch the videos and answer a few questions for rewards

How to join:
To join the Grand Prize, you have to comment on 3“Green Building Tour”video posts on Facebook and leave a comment below HKGBC’s Facebook post on “Green Day Grand Prize”. 
For the game details, please visit HKGBC's Facebook Page.

Prizes include:

Most Visionary Green Building Talent (1 winner each):
Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con (HK$2,340)

Most Creative Low-Carbon Talent (1 winner each): 
Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure (HK$589)

Most Interesting Sharing (5 winners each):
Doughnut’s Nomad Collection Pyramid Bag (HK$430)

Most Unique Low-Carbon Tips (1 winner each):
Doughnut’s Nomad Collection Drip Bag (HK$230)





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