BEAM Plus is the Hong Kong’s leading initiative to offer independent assessments of building sustainability performance.

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Recognised and certified by the HKGBC, BEAM Plus offers a comprehensive set of performance criteria for a wide range of sustainability issues relating to the planning, design, construction, commissioning, fitting out, management, operation and maintenance of a building. By providing a fair and objective assessment of a building’s overall performance throughout its life cycle, BEAM Plus enables organisations and companies of all sizes to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development.

Today, BEAM Plus has extended reach to geographical areas outside Hong Kong, including Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing (some projects are certified under HK-BEAM 4/04).



BEAM Plus Neighbourhood (ND) is used at the masterplanning stage of building development projects.

Building Design and Construction

BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB) can be applied to new building projects and major renovation/alteration works on existing buildings.

Post-Construction and Operation

BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB) evaluates the operation and maintenance performance of existing buildings.


BEAM Plus Interiors (BI) can be applied to fit-out works of non-domestic premises.


Assessment Aspects


Integrated Design and Construction Management (IDCM)
encourages the project team to enhance communication with stakeholders and adopt the integrated design approach throughout green building design and construction.

Community Aspects (CA)
focuses on the socio-economic impacts of the development to the neighbourhood that enhances the surrounding built environment, local character and social identity.

Sustainable Site, Site Aspects (SS, SA)
are about the location, design, infrastructural provisions and basic amenities of a building or a development.

Green Building Attributes (GBA)
is about selecting a BEAM Plus certified building or adopting best practices in operations.

Management (MAN)
concerns responsible management practices and provisions to encourage sustainable management of occupied areas.

Materials and Waste Aspects (MWA)
encourages waste reduction and efficient use of materials of lesser environmental impacts.

Energy Use (EU)
relates to low energy design, energy efficiency practices and adoption of renewable energy.

Water Use (WU)
emphasises adoption of water efficient devices and practices, reduction of water use and the quality of potable water.

Health and Wellbeing, Indoor / Outdoor Environmental Quality (HWB, IEQ/OEQ)
encompass various environmental aspects of indoor/outdoor environment which have an impact on the health, comfort or wellbeing of the occupants and neighbours including daylight access, air quality, ventilation, and thermal comfort, etc.

Innovations and Additions (IA)
gives credits to projects with innovative designs that enhance environmental performance; and projects with superior performance that greatly exceed the prevailing requirements in the assessment.

Assessment Process

2. Sign assessment agreement with BEAM Society Limited

3. Projects will be assessed by BEAM Assessor and reviewed by Assessment Sub-committee

4. Applicants accept the rating

5. HKGBC issues the certificate


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Certification Body

Assessment Body