BEAM Plus Interiors covers the design and construction of fit-out, renovation and refurbishment works in non-domestic, occupied spaces. It can be used by landlords renovating individual units, or by the occupants of a space if they are responsible for fit-out works.

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What can be assessed?

BEAM Plus Interiors is designed to address the needs of the most frequent non-domestic interior fit-out projects in Hong Kong, including office premises, retail premises, restaurants, hotels, serviced apartments, and educational and institutional facilities.

The scope of the BEAM Plus Interiors assessment is usually confined to the footprint or boundary of the project space as defined in the lease, together with key related interface areas and the surroundings. Certification takes place as a one-stage process upon completion of the fit-out, renovation or refurbishment works and associated testing and commissioning.

Applying for BEAM Plus Interiors can help to:

Benefits of BEAM Plus Interiors
Enhance occupants’ health, wellbeing and productivity; Lower operational costs by enhancing energy and water efficiency; Increase the marketability of rental spaces; and Raise the profile of a company’s commitment to environmental issues.

The assessment of an interiors' performance covers the following categories:

Green Building Attributes


Materials Aspects

Energy Use

Water Use

Indoor Environmental Quality

Innovations and Additions

There are four ratings available for a project after completing the assessment:





A Showcase of Excellence

ZCB Eco-Home

ZCB Eco-Home was the first project to achieve a Platinum rating under BEAM Plus Interiors. Situated inside ZCB, it is the showcase of a typical apartment with a low-carbon design and eco-friendly system installations.

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Green Sky – Office of Conservation International Hong Kong

“Green Sky” is also the BEAM Plus Interiors Platinum-rated office. The paints and coatings used in the fit-out were all VOC-free or low VOC. LED and T8 lighting were also widely installed, together with a real-time energy metering system to monitor power usage.

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