In BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0, the new assessment framework with two different Schemes are available. Applicants may apply for Comprehensive Scheme or Selective Scheme, according to the current circumstances of their buildings.

Comprehensive Scheme

The holistic review offered by this one-step or stepwise assessment is primarily designed for BEAM Plus New Buildings-certified buildings, and buildings that are to be upgraded to achieve BEAM Plus certification. A stepwise assessment offers applicants greater flexibility in managing their budgets and time constraints.

Comprehensive Scheme A

All aspects under this Manual are assessed in one-go. Comprehensive Scheme A is designed for BEAM Plus New Buildings certified buildings, which have the basic hardware to fulfil certain assessment criteria in different aspects.

Comprehensive Scheme B

The project can be assessed in different stages. One or more aspects can be assessed first to obtain the intermediate result for the assessed aspect(s). The Applicant can submit information of the remaining aspects for assessment within 3 years of the issuance of first intermediate result.

Comprehensive Scheme B is designed for buildings that needed to be upgraded in order to achieve BEAM Plus certification. Buildings will be assessed and graded in the same standard under Comprehensive Scheme A.


Selective Scheme

This option assesses each aspect on an individual basis, with a certificate issued for each assessed aspect. There are no prerequisites under the Selective Scheme, thus it has a lower threshold than the Comprehensive Scheme, enabling applicants to implement assessments that match the practical conditions and needs of their buildings.


Registration with Comprehensive Scheme or Energy Use (EU) Aspect of Selective Scheme under BEAM Plus EB V2.0 may contribute to higher priority ranking in the application for CLP Eco Building Fund or HK Electric Smart Power Fund. Click HERE for details.