Call for Nomination of Standing Committee Co-opted Members from IMs for 2022-2023 (只提供英文版)

The Council has established Standing Committees to oversee the operations of the Council with each focusing on a specific area.  Apart from Directors and representatives nominated by Founding Members, a Standing Committee consists of Co-opted Members who are without voting rights and nominated by our IMs.  Over the past years, Co-opted Members have contributed substantially to the Council’s committee work with their gifts of time, expertise and experience.  For the new term of office 2022-2023, the Council looks forward to the continued support from our IMs. 

The Council is pleased to invite all IMs to nominate a person to be considered for joining the following five Standing Committees of the Council as a Co-opted Member: 
-    Communications and Membership Committee (CMC); 
-    Green Labelling Committee (GLC); 
-    Industry Standards and Practices Committee (ISPC); 
-    Infrastructure Rating System Committee (IRSC); and 
-    Sustainable Development Committee (SDC). 

The nomination deadline is 19 January 2022 (Wednesday).

Please login in to the Member Page at our website at https://www.hkgbc.org.hk for further information. 

Should you have any query, please feel free to contact Ms Mandy CHAN at 3994 8846 or Mr Kenneth CHAN at 3994 8819.