Green Building Student Leadership Workshops

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Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC)
Green Building Student Leadership Workshops

The workshops on 23 and 30 Jul 2011 started with very informative presentations by the two very committed BEAM Pro, followed by a lively discussion session and classroom exercise. Guided by the two BEAM Pro, the students were asked to design their ideal green schools. They impressed us with their originality, imagination and talent, and most important of all, all of the designs reflected their understanding of our BEAM Plus standards. 

A short tour of the HKGBC’s new office showed to the students a real example of green office.   Students were amazed at the green features of our new office and in particular, they found the green partitions made up of recycled plastic bottles and reused bricks intriguing.  More than that, our new office showed the huge potential reduction in energy use and carbon emissions one could achieve with appropriate designs plus the environmentally friendly building materials and products.  Taking the example of lighting, the innovative design together with the LED lighting system installed in our office greatly enhance natural lighting, thus reducing the use of artificial lighting as well as the energy use and the associated carbon emissions. The students were amazed by the great numbers that revealed the amount of saving one could achieve with simple design and facilities.

Participants have left laughter, joy and ideas in our HKGBC’s office and have taken away with them the green building and sustainability concepts which would surely pave the way for a better future in Hong Kong.

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