Seminars - HKGBC Jockey Club Green and Smart Community Buildings Project

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A total of NINE seminars will be held in 2018/19 targeting personnel from the NGO communities, particularly to those who are keen on transforming their existing buildings but lack the know-how on implementation. These seminars will begin with a general introduction of BEAM Plus followed by topics of interest such as green building management, building retrofit, retro-commissioning/on-going commissioning and application of smart green technologies. Case sharing will also be included.

*All seminars will be conducted in Cantonese.


Content of seminars:

1. BEAM Plus Rating Standard and Its Applications to NGO Buildings

2. Enhancing Health and Wellbeing through Office Renovation

3. Retro-Commissioning Training - Introduction of Retro-Commissioning

4. Retro-Commissioning Training - Practices and Process to carry out Retro-Commissioning on central building services installation

5. Green Building Management – ISO50001 and other relevant standards (TBC)

6. Applications of Smart Green Technologies and IoT Intelligence in Existing Buildings (TBC)

7. Case Sharing of Transformation of Jockey Club Environmental Building (TBC)

8. Building Retrofit – An Integrated and Analytic Approach (TBC)

9. Upgrading Central Chiller Plant through Building Renovation (TBC)