Speaker Profile: Raymond Yau

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Dr Raymond Yau, Arup Fellow, Director of Arup HK
Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd

Topic of the Presentation:
Exploring A Sustainable Vision For Built Environment - From Sustainable Planning To Zero Carbon Building

Dense urban areas account for a large proportion of the current and projected growth in global energy consumption and carbon emissions. Closely packed buildings, heavily utilized transportation networks and intense energy consumption create heat, noise and air pollution. As the outdoor urban conditions deteriorate, city-dwellers avoid exposure to the external environment which is polluted, noisy, dusty and stuffy, and instead spend an increased amount of time in climatically controlled spaces (buildings and transportation) causing a further increase in energy consumption (cooling, lighting etc.) and other associated environmental impacts. In this discussion, we examine the actions required to break this positive-feed-back cycle and key issues in determining targets for energy efficiency and renewable generation. The hierarchy of zero carbon strategies is evaluated against our city’s unique combination of climate, density, user-behavior and space limitations. Our study reveals an optimal approach in performance based assessment that draws on international benchmarking standards and is carefully adapted to the local situation. Parallel to the evolution in other sustainability aspects, this discussion on energy issues forms the starting point for the future development of the green building rating system: an important instrument in achieving HKGBC’s future vision of
a sustainable Hong Kong.

Raymond Yau is Arup Fellow, Director of Arup Hong Kong. He was one of the pioneers in the UK in mid-80’s who adopted the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Dynamic Thermal Modelling techniques in built environment applications. He was the forerunner in applying such techniques to Hong Kong environment in early 90’s.

In his capacity as Arup’s project director, Raymond led a number of pivotal sustainable consulting studies for the HKSAR Government. These projects include drafting a Comprehensive Environmental Performance Assessment Scheme (CEPAS) for buildings in Hong Kong and establishing the life-cycle assessment and database model for building construction in Hong Kong. He is a Core Co-investigator of HKSAR Government Study on Urban Climatic Map and Standard for Air Ventilation Assessment.

He also led the China’s Hangzhou Xihu Tiandi Phase 2 Development to obtain the world’s first pre-certified LEED – Core & Shell green building label ever at the highest platinum level of performance.

He is currently Regional Vice-Chair on Technology Transfer of ASHRAE Region XIII and Adjunct Associate Professor at Department of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong