Pre-Questionnaire about BEAM Plus – BEAM Plus Marketing Kit Tea Reception

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Thank you for joining the BEAM Plus Marketing Kit Tea Reception! Prior to the Tea Reception, we wish to collect your views on existing BEAM Plus marketing initiatives. The questionnaire is anonymous.

Please spare few minutes to fill in the pre-questionnaire below. Thanks for your support.


(Questions marked with * are compulsory.)

1. How much do you know about BEAM Plus?

2. Do you know that certification seals of different ratings are available for use of promotions of BEAM Plus projects?

3. Are you aware of the past and current initiatives of the HKGBC in promoting your projects and BEAM Plus? (You can select more than 1 option)

4. Do you think the initiatives of the HKGBC help you promote your projects?

5. Besides the BEAM Plus Marketing Kit and Style Guide, we are going to design and produce a BEAM Plus Brochure, which aims to introduce BEAM Plus to the industry in a more friendly way. Do you think the BEAM Plus Brochure will help you understand BEAM Plus more and easier?

6. Do you think of any other marketing initiatives that can help you promote your BEAM Plus projects or the importance of BEAM Plus labelling to what you are working on?

7. Is there anything else you want to know more at the tea reception?