Speaker Profile: Ping Li

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Ping Li, Deputy Secretary General, China Green Building Council

Topic of the Presentation:
The Latest in China's Green Building Development

Synopsis: The presentation covers three areas:
1. Progress of China Green Building Council
Addresses the work progress in green construction and global cooperation since the establishment of the Council 2. Support from Governments: 
Discusses the standard of green building in China and incentive policies for renewable energies
3. Development of Green Building
Explains how the implementation of green building standards and the construction of eco-city contribute to the development of green building

As the Executive Secretary of China Green Building Council (China GBC) and Former Director of Building Energy Efficiency Office, Li Ping processes profound experience in applying science and technology in building development.

Since 1996, she was involved in promoting building energy efficiency in China through the implementation of Sino-Canadian Energy Efficiency in Building Program. She participated in the formulation of BEE policies and CEE plan of local cities, as well as establishment of the monitoring system to promote heat reform in China. Li also works closely with international organization such as GEF, UNDP, World Bank, and governments of Canada, France and Germany on a number of nationwide cooperation programs.