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Naming Competition - 1st Zero Carbon Building

29 Nov 2011

To address the challenge of climate change, Hong Kong has actively promoted “zero/low-carbon” developments.  The construction industry has a significant role to play in GHG emission reduction.

To this end, Construction Industry Council (CIC), in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government, is developing the first Zero-carbon Building (ZCB) in Hong Kong.  The concept of “Zero/Low-carbon” Building involves the integrated environmental design on one hand, such as heat island mitigation, reduction of solar heat gain through building envelope, natural ventilation and daylighting optimization strategies for low energy consumption, and on the other hand, the use of renewable energy and state-of-the-art clean technologies for on-site energy generation.  Over the course of the year, a building is said to achieve “zero-carbon emissions” when it harvests sufficient non-fossil fuel energy to account for its carbon footprint fossil fuel use.

To mark the success of having the support from the industry stakeholders, the Construction Industry Council is organising a "Naming Competition"; and Hong Kong Green Building Council is delighted to be the Supporting Organisation to this meaningful event.

The competition is aimed at:

  • raising public awareness and interest in zero carbon building
  • inviting ideas for a name appropriate for “Hong Kong’s First Zero Carbon Building”


  1. Chinese name for “Hong Kong’s First Zero Carbon Building”
  2. English name for “Hong Kong’s First Zero Carbon Building”

Entry groups:

  1. Open Group (professionals and public)
  2. Student Group (secondary school, tertiary institution and university students)

Closing Date:

31 January 2012