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[Press Release] Hong Kong Green Building Council’s Response to the 2017 Policy Address

18 Jan 2017


Hong Kong Green Building Council’s Response to

the 2017 Policy Address


Hong Kong, 18 January 2017 – The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) welcomes the Government’s initiatives on sustainable built environment, green building and environmental protection as proposed in the 2017 Policy Address, and expects the Government to put greater efforts in comprehensively promoting green building in future, eventually transforming Hong Kong into a smart, green and liveable Asia's World City. The HKGBC will render full support to the Government to foster the implementation in the following aspects:

I.          Build Smart City and Green Neighourhood

Urban Planning and Design

The HKGBC welcomes the Government to set up a conservation fund encouraging sustainable development of private land in the light of urban-rural symbiosis, and vacating the land for public housing and other public purposes in return for enhancing the overall ecological value of Hong Kong. At the same time, a review should be taken on the existing Technical Memorandum of Environmental Impact Assessment by adding terms of sustainable urban planning, design and building.

The Government’s full implementation of green neighbourhood development model in urban renewal through the pilot district planning study in Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok will bring new opportunities in green community development.

Smart City

Apart from active promotion on innovative information and communication technology, the HKGBC proposes an inclusive apporach blending sustainable design and operation in the development of Smart City and other new development areas, whilst providing quality open space to enhance community liveability. The HKGBC also welcomes the Government’s consideration on using BEAM Plus Neighbourhood, a new rating tool launched late last year for setting new benchmarks to enhance the quality of community environment.

Under the premise of fostering a healthy urban lifestyle, the building of comfortable walking environment and "bicycle-friendly" facilities will enhance community accessibility and facilitate the creation of green neighbourhood.

II.          Enhance Green Building Standards, Operation and Management

For further promotion of green building, the HKGBC welcomes the Government to review the existing arrangement of application for gross floor area (GFA) concession for amenity features. This includes the consideration of tightening the prerequisite requirements; and adopting performance-based and site-specific approaches to determine the maximum GFA concession. The HKGBC will keep reviewing the BEAM Plus New Buildings rating tool and ensure it complies with the requirements as stipulated in the Policy Address.

The HKGBC is happy to see the Government actively using renewable energy across government buildings, and proposes the Government to offer innovative incentives for private building owners to optimise the energy-saving performance of existing buildings and extend their lifecycle. Launched last year, HKGBC’s BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.0 emphasises the green practices in operation and management of existing buildings. The tool also offers a more flexible assessment method for encouraging wider participation.

III.          Combat Climate Change through Energy Saving

The HKGBC will actively cooperate with the Government to realise the new target of reducing the carbon intensity in Hong Kong from the 2005 level by 65% to 70% by 2030, and implementing mitigation, adaptation and resilience measures to combat climate change.

IV.          Capitalise Opportunities to Nurture Green Building Professionals

Capitalising the immense opportunities for innovative technology, environmental protection and green industries arisen from the 13th Five-Year Plan and the Belt and Road Initiative, the HKGBC will continue its nurturing of green building professionals and facilitate industry promotion to youths through an array of projects and activities.



About the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC)

The Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited (HKGBC) is a non-profit, member led organisation established in 2009 with the vision to help save the planet and improve the wellbeing of the people of Hong Kong by transforming the city into a greener built environment. The Founding Members of HKGBC include the Construction Industry Council (CIC), the Business Environment Council (BEC), the BEAM Society Limited (BSL) and the Professional Green Building Council (PGBC). Its mission is to lead market transformation by advocating green policies to the Government; introducing green building practices to all stakeholders; setting design, construction and management standards for the building profession; and promoting green living to the people of Hong Kong. To learn more about the HKGBC, please visit

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