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[News from HKGBC Patron Member - Towngas] NEW SIMPA gas hotplate without need for battery replacement

04 Dec 2018

For many years now, Towngas’ focus has been on providing customers with safe and reliable services while implementing a host of green measures. Whether in gas production, manufacturing of gas appliances, or even office management, Towngas is always aware of its environmental impact, and constantly seeks ways to reduce and recycle to conserve natural resources and improve living standards. Developed by the company’s in-house product research team, a new SIMPA Two Burners Hotplate WZH2SE, equipped with a ‘Regenerative Electric Energy Module’ that will never require battery replacement for ignition, this environmentally friendly appliance is now available for purchase.

Batteries contain a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals and, when dumped, create a serious risk of soil contamination and water pollution. Towngas, as an eco-pioneer public utility, is therefore proud to introduce Hong Kong’s first environmentally friendly hotplate featuring a ‘Regenerative Electric Energy Module’, integral to the SIMPA Two Burners Hotplate WZH2SE. With this latest technology, heat energy is converted to electric energy to ignite the burners so battery replacement is no longer required helping to reduce the e-waste stream.

The SIMPA Hotplate WZH2SE provides a flame strength of up to 5.5kW with precise control from full power to slow simmer. Each burner can be ignited quickly and easily and has a flame failure device that cuts off its gas supply automatically when not in use to ensure complete safety. The stainless steel plate surface is easy to clean and the burner cap is made of durable brass. Offering both practical and environmentally friendly functions, the WZH2SE is another great addition by Towngas to mapping out a greener future for Hong Kong!