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A Milestone for Greater Bay Area Collaboration - Signing of Memorandum of Co-operation on Retro-commissioning among EMSD, HKGBC & Several Institutions

15 Nov 2018

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today signed a memorandum of co‐operation (MOC) with the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), together with several important institutions at the EMSD 70th Anniversary Symposium – “Co-creating a Smart Future”. The MOC aims to promote the development of retro‐commissioning (RCx) of buildings in the Guangdong‐Hong Kong‐Macao Greater Bay Area.

The other institutions signing the MOC from the Greater Bay Area include the Building Services Operation and Maintenance Executives Society (BSOMES), the Macao Institution of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, the City Air‐conditioning Energy Conservation and Control of Guangdong Project Technology Research Exploitation Centre of the South China University of Technology, the Building Energy Conservation Research Centre of the Tsinghua University and the Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences.

RCx helps to identify the improvement potential for existing buildings to reduce energy consumption by fine‐tuning their building systems and equipment so that they can operate at optimal efficiency, thus reducing operating costs and contributing to energy conservation. The HKGBC has been partnering with EMSD for the Council’s programme “ACT-Shop” to develop professional knowledge on RCx and provide relevant hands-on training certification programmes for the industry. ACT-Shop was launched in mid-2016. On commercial side, it had accomplished 24 private projects including commercial buildings, hotels, single tenant building, etc. with a potential saving of over 13 million kWh.