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Hong Kong: Green Building in Action - Latest Update on Hong Kong’s Green Building Achievement

12 Jul 2018

Hong Kong Green Building Council published the latest version of brochure Hong Kong: Green Building in Action to provide the latest update on Hong Kong's green building development status.
The brochure, first published in last year’s World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong (WSBE17 Hong Kong), is now flourished with updated figures that showcase the city's built environment in infographics, including HKGBC's work and the outstanding achievement of BEAM Plus, the local green building assessment tool. With easy-to-understand infographics, readers could understand the impact of local certified green building projects in various areas such as energy reduction, water saving, and greening.

The brochure will be updated annually for interested parties to know more about the joint effort of our government and the industry to create a healthy living environment and to make Hong Kong a green and sustainable city.

Just grab your copy HERE!