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BEAM Plus: New Registration Fees and Provision of Free Certification Plaques Effective 1 June 2018

27 Apr 2018

BEAM Plus:
New Registration Fees and Provision of Free Certification Plaques
Effective 1 June 2018

The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) would like to announce the following new registration fees and a new initiative of providing free certification plaques, effective from 1 June 2018:

1. New Registration Fees for BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB)

Project Scale New Registration Fee
Extra Small (ES) 69,000
Small (S) 164,000
Medium (M) 208,000
Large (L) 305,000
Extra Large (EL) 377,000
Mega (MG) 479,000
Exceptional Scale/Complexity (ExS) 687,000

The existing fees will only be applicable to projects that have completed online registration at HKGBC website before 6:00 pm on 31 May 2018. Thereafter, the new fees shall apply.
The registration fees for BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB), Interiors (BI), and Neighbourhood (ND) will remain unchanged.

2. One Free Certification Plaque per BEAM Plus project

To continually enhance our service, starting from 1 June 2018, HKGBC will provide ONE free certification plaque for each BEAM Plus NB/EB/BI project that has obtained Final Assessment (FA) rating at Bronze/Satisfactory or above. The starting date of 1 June 2018 refers to the date when HKGBC sends out the email of project information checking to the Applicant for compiling the FA certificate.
In order to avoid material wastage, the manufacture of the free certification plaque will only commence upon receiving the Applicant’s confirmation on acceptance of the free certification plaque.
For additional orders of certification plaques, fees are applied. Please click HERE to refer to the details.

HKGBC is a non-profit-making, overarching body of green building development in Hong Kong, leading the advocacy, strategy, capacity building and technical developments. HKGBC is responsible for operating the BEAM Plus scheme and funding its continuous development. Every year, significant expenditure is incurred in rating tool and website developments, scheme operations, promotion and educational activities. The adjustment in fees is necessary to meet the rising costs in these areas and to fund service enhancement initiatives.