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BEAM Plus New Buidligns (NB) - Refinement of Assessment Procedures

23 Apr 2018

BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB)
Refinement of Assessment Procedures

With a view to improving our service to the industry, the BEAM Plus assessment procedures have been revamped. The new procedures will be applicable to all BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB) projects where the first Provisional Assessment (PA) submission is on or after 1 May 2018.
BEAM Plus Applicants shall take note of the following:
Major changes to
BEAM Plus NB Assessments

1. Obviation of Technical Screening by BEAM Society Limited (BSL)
To streamline the assessment process and cut short the assessment time for the benefits of the Applicants, the current technical screening procedure will be integrated with the BAS assessment process.

2. Enhancement of Two-stage Provisional Assessment
The two‐stage provisional assessment mechanism launched in early February 2018 was welcomed by the industry. Further enhancement is introduced to squeeze the first stage provisional assessment (PA) to 15 working days. In addition, the fee for such expedient service is reduced to $15,000 for applications received on or after 1 May 2018.

3. Re-assessment and Post-TRC applicable to all target ratings under NB
For the benefits of all types of projects, re-assessment and post-TRC clarification procedures are applicable to ALL projects under NB, irrespective of target ratings.

4. Introduction of Review Mechanism
When the assessment result is available, there will be a 2-week review period within which the Applicant can initiate a review of the results if the Applicant considers that the results could be different through further resolution on specific issues with the BAS and BSL. Upon the conclusion of the review, or upon the lapse of the 2-week review period, or upon the acceptance of the results by the Applicant, the result will be forwarded to HKGBC for issuance of certificate or the “First Stage Result Letter”. If the Applicant is still dissatisfied with the assessment result after the review, a further period of three weeks will be allowed for the Applicant to lodge an appeal following the established Appeal Procedures.

5. Performance Pledge
The performance pledge of BSL will be changed to:
  • First stage provisional assessment: within 15 working days
  • The Second-stage provisional assessment/final assessment: within 45 working days

The above changes are detailed in the latest version of the BEAM Plus Procedures Manual V4.0.

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Transitional Arrangement

1. For projects having commenced Provisional Assessment before 1 May 2018, the current 90-day performance pledge remains unchanged. However, Applicants can still apply for two-stage assessment (please contact BSL for case specific arrangement).

2. For projects that have already applied for two-stage assessment and commenced the first stage PA before 1 May 2018, the current 40-calendar-day performance pledge remains unchanged.

3. The above changes on Re-assessment, Post-TRC and Review Mechanism will also be applicable to NB projects for which assessment result is available on or after 1 May 2018.

Should there be any questions about the latest version of BEAM Plus Procedures Manual, please do not hesitate to contact HKGBC Secretariat.

Two BEAM Pro/BEAM Affiliate sharing sessions will be held on 30 April and 3 May 2018 to exchange views on the implementation of the following changes. Please click HERE to visit the website of BEAM Society Limited for more information.