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BEAM Pro & BEAM Affiliate: Submit Your CPD Records at Your Individual Account Now!

12 Feb 2018

With the new CPD policy coming into effect on 1 January 2018, BEAM Pro and BEAM Affiliate are required to settle the annual fee and fulfil CPD hour requirements every year to maintain the professional qualification. The CPD record submission system re-opens today and you can now log in to your Individual Account to submit your CPD records.

CPD Record Submission 2018

You can now log in to your Individual Account and
submit your CPD records throughout the year.

The annual CPD requirements for BEAM Pro and BEAM Affiliate are listed below:

From 1 Jan to 31 Dec


BEAM Affiliate

15 CPD hours
every year

6 CPD hours
every year

Some reminders on your CPD record submission at your Individual Account:

Your net excess Mandatory CPD hours earned in 2017 or before have been multiplied by a factor of 1.2. You can check the previous years' records at your Individual Account.
When your CPD hour balance reaches zero (0), you know you have fulfilled the CPD requirement of the year already.
You can submit your CPD records throughout the year. You are encouraged to make entries every time after attending any related event/seminar. The CPD hours for CPD events organised by HKGBC or BSL would be automatically recorded at your Individual Account.
Annual suspension check will be conducted since your third year of accreditation. Your credential would be suspended if your CPD hour balance is less than or equal to -15 hours (≤ -15) by 31 December every year.

Annual Qualification Renewal Fee

As a part of requirements for qualification maintenance,
please be reminded to settle your Annual Qualification Renewal Fee
on or before 31 March 2018.

For any enquiries about Annual Qualification Renewal Fee and CPD Record submission, please contact HKGBC Secretariat at 3994 8831.  

Your BEAM Pro / BEAM Affiliate Qualification Status

Your qualification status is updated and now displayed at the Practitioner Directory. This status reflects your compliance with CPD policy in 2017 or before.

If your credential is being suspended, please obtain CPD hours and/or submit CPD records at your Individual Account to make up outstanding CPD hours. Your credential will be reinstated automatically after you make up the outstanding CPD hours.

Please be reminded that, with new CPD policy effective from 2018, your qualification status is determined by both the settlement of Annual Qualification Renewal Fee and fulfilment of Annual CPD hour requirements.