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Recruitment of BEAM Assessors (NB/EB/BI)

12 Feb 2018

The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) has been implementing the BEAM Plus assessment scheme since August 2010. To ensure openness and fairness of the assessment, BEAM Plus requires a pool of professional BEAM Assessors (BAS) to be recruited from the industry to undertake the assessment. The HKGBC has entrusted BEAM Society Limited (BSL) to assign projects to BAS, and BAS will enter into agreement with BSL to carry out the assessment at a fee determined by BSL. 

The HKGBC is now recruiting BEAM Assessors to support assessment work of BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB), Existing Buildings (EB) and Interiors (BI).

Expression of Interest

Those who are interested in becoming BAS (NB/EB/BI) are welcome to submit the EOI form.

There are 2 routes to become BAS (NB/EB/BI), of which one via Normal Route and another through Veteran Scheme. Click HERE for the entry criteria.

The EOI form for Normal Route can be downloaded HERE.
The EOI form for Veteran Scheme can be downloaded HERE

Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend the workshop and professional assessments. For more details of the recruitment, please click HERE.

Completed form should be returned to on or before 28 March 2018 (Wed).