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The HKGBC Taking Part in "Climate Change and My Smart City" Experience Centre at ZCB!

05 Jul 2017

BEAM Plus at
"Climate Change and My Smart City" Experience Centre at ZCB!

The HKGBC is delighted to take part in the “Climate Change and My Smart City” Experience Centre at ZCB! Bringing a whole new experience, the exhibition showcases an array of latest smart technologies and foretells the future development of Hong Kong into a smart and sustainable city.
With the sub-theme “Smart City & Sustainable Built Environment”, visitors can find out more about BEAM Plus, the green building assessment tool certified by the HKGBC, and get to know the outstanding Final Platinum projects and the contribution of BEAM Plus projects to the sustainable built environment in Hong Kong. Some of the features in the exhibition include:


Interactive Hong Kong
Green Building Map

Get to know the excellent BEAM Plus projects in Hong Kong! There are 29 projects that have achieved BEAM Plus Final Platinum ratings, you can have a quick glance of what they are.

Green Building Stamps
and Worksheets

Take a souvenir home! You can pick the stamps with green building icons on them, and stamp on a set of worksheets designed by us. It’s exclusive to the exhibition at ZCB!

You may get a special prize by visiting our counter at the Experience Centre. Collect the stamps on the corresponding themed worksheets. Post a picture of the worksheets on Facebook and tag us @Hong Kong Green Building Council before 31 August to get a BEAM Plus shopping bag! You may also show us your favourite ones on the “My Favourite Green Buildings” worksheet to get the prize!

Book your tour now with your friends to know more about how we combat climate change and support the movement of smart city!
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