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BEAM Plus Bespoke is available!

30 Sep 2016

BEAM Plus Bespoke is available!
Registration starts on 3 October!

BEAM Plus Bespoke allows projects of special building types to apply BEAM Plus assessment and achieve ratings under respective assessment tools.

Some examples of projects eligible for BEAM Plus Bespoke include:

Buildings with restricted access, e.g. military building, prison, fire station, power substation, airport, boundary crossing facility

Buildings not normally occupied or for transient stay, e.g. pump house, sewage treatment plant, carpark building

Buildings subject to special environmental control requirements, e.g. data centre, museum, hospital, cultural performance venues, cinema, lab

Heritage buildings with special constraints  on alterations and additions

Any other building types not listed above subject to the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC)'s and BEAM Society Limited (BSL)’s acceptance

The Procedures Manual is now on HKGBC website! Check it out to understand more!

To register for BEAM Plus Bespoke, simply check the box at the online registration form when registering for your projects.

Please feel free to contact HKGBC Secretariat at 3994 8842 for any questions.