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(Revised) Transitional Arrangements for the Launching of BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.0 – Effective 8 March 2016

03 Mar 2016

The BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB) Version 2.0 (V2.0) will be launched for registration on 24 March 2016. To facilitate a smooth migration, the following transitional arrangements will be implemented accordingly:

1.  Grace Period
          a. Projects registered before 6:00 pm on 30 September 2016 will be allowed to opt for assessment under Version 1.2 (V1.2) or V2.0. Thereafter, only V2.0 will be accepted for registration.

Projects registered with Version 1.1 (V1.1) or V1.2 can be upgraded to V2.0 without extra registration fee before 6:00 pm on 30 September 2016. Thereafter, projects registered with V1.1 or V1.2 upgrading to V2.0 are required to pay a new registration fee according to the prevailing fee scale.

  2. On-going Registered Projects
          a. For registered projects under EB V1.1 or V1.2 with assessment process commenced, the assessment will be conducted in accordance with the corresponding versions until completion.
          b. Applicants may also opt to stop the assessment process under V1.1 or V1.2 by cancelling their current registration and register to go for assessment under V2.0.

If applicants choose option as stated in (2b), there will be no refund for the assessment fee since work has been done partially or even fully and resources have been committed with no recourse to recoup. The applicants are also required to pay the full assessment fee for V2.0 according to the prevailing fee scale.

3. Newly Registered Projects for V1.2 from 24 March 2016 to 30 September 2016
          a. Applicants must commence Provisional Assessment (if applicable) or Final Assessment and provide the first submission within 12 months upon registration. Failure to meet the submission deadline will render the project to be assessed under V2.0. The assessment fee will be adjusted in accordance with the prevailing fee scale.
          b. Applicants may also opt to go for assessment under V2.0 as a variation to their agreement with BEAM Society Ltd (BSL) subject to the adjustment of assessment fee in accordance with the prevailing fee scale.


For enquiries, please contact the HKGBC BEAM Plus Registration Office at 3994 8888 or email at