Announcement of Candidates Standing for 2023 Election of Directors to the Board of HKGBC from Institutional Members

The HKGBC is pleased to announce that the following eleven (11) candidates have been approved by the Board to stand for the 2023 Election of Directors by the Institutional Members (IMs) to fill up six (6) vacancies in the Board for a two-year term of office from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2025.
Candidate No. Name of Candidate Standing
for IMG No. *
Nominated by
1 Ms Michelle AU Wing-tsz 1 China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd
2 Mr LOK Shing-hei 1 C.B.M. Asbestos Abatement Ltd.
3 Ir Dr Anthony LO Chi-wah 2 CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
4 Mr Clarence LEUNG Wai-kin 3 Wheelock Properties (Hong Kong) Limited
5 Mr Wallace LIN Siu-hung 3 Swire Properties Limited
6 Mr Johnny YU Ching-yan 3 Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.
7 Ir Victor CHEUNG Chi-kong 4 J. Roger Preston Ltd
8 Ir Dr Bruce CHONG Wang-hei 4 Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd
9 Mr Eugene SHUM Ka-ho 4 Ronald Lu & Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd
10 Ms Grace KWOK May-han 5 AEC Capital Limited
11 Ar. Yvonne IEONG In-leng 7 The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
*IMG No. Institutional Membership Groups
1 Contractors; Sub-contractors; Construction Product Manufacturers, Suppliers or Distributors
2 Utility or Transportation Companies
3 Property Developers, Owners or Management Companies
4 Professional Services Companies or Consultants
5 Finance Companies
6 Public Bodies
7 Professional Societies, Standard Organisations, Environmental Organisations or Non-profit Organisations
8 Universities, Research Institutes or Training Institutes
The election will take place on 29 November 2023 (Wednesday) at the HKGBC’s Office with voting time from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. Notice of Voting together with candidates’ brief descriptions etc. will be sent to all IMs shortly. This webpage will be further updated with the candidates’ information if necessary.