Mr Vincent NG, SBS, JP
Harbourfront Commission

Vincent NG is an award-winning architect and urban designer. In 1999, he founded the architectural urban design practice AGC Design Limited. His over 35-years portfolio covers a diverse range of commercial and institutional architecture including residential, offices, retails, universities, churches and healthcare facilities. He is active in public services and has been serving many Government Advisory Boards, particularly in areas of harbourfront planning, urban design, environmental protection, land supply and urban regeneration.

He was the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects in 2015-16, Member of the Board of Director of Ocean Park Corporation in 2016-2022.

Currently, NG is the Chairman of Harbourfront Commission. He has been a member of the Harbourfront Enhancement Committee and Harbourfront Commission since 2004, and was appointed Chairman in 2018. Ng is also a columnist writing regularly on architecture and urban design.