08 Oct 2021

Green Sense - No Air Con Night 2021

Supported by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, the No Air Con Night 2021 would be held in Hong Kong on 8 Ocober 2021 (Friday).

Organised by Green Sense, territory-wide campaign “No Air Con Night 2021″ is coming for 12 consecutive years. Green Sense aims to bring out the importance in reducing greenhouse gases and saving energy through this event. By turning off the air conditioning for one night, they hope the citizens to rethink how their habits rapidly affect our natural environment, and take action to slow down global warming.

The use of air conditioning becomes more frequent while the global temperature is rising year by year. In 2019, Hong Kong consumed 4.48 billion kWh of electricity, of which air conditioning made up around 30% (1.34 billion kWh of electricity) of the total, which equates to releasing 7.44 million tonnes of carbon emission to the planet. Carbon dioxide can cause greenhouse effect and aggravate global warming. In other words, if we rely on turning on air con to cool us down, the weather will be hotter and hotter, which is trapped in a vicious circle. So, the better way to cool down is turning off the air con.

Let “No Air Con Night” become a habit, not only for one night! It can be today, tomorrow and every night! 

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Event Detail
Event Name: Green Sense - No Air Con Night 2021
Presented By: -
Date: 08 Oct 2021
Time: 7pm to 7am the next day
Contact Phone: 81004877
Contact Email: lessaircon@greensense.org.hk
Website: https://en.noaircon.com/