01 Mar 2020

[Cancelled] Study Mission to UK & Austria

In view of the latest development of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, the Study Mission to UK & Austria will be cancelled. 


The Hong Kong Green Building Council invites you to explore and learn about UK and Austrian innovations in smart and low/zero carbon buildings in March 2020. 

The study mission will give you an exciting opportunity to be introduced to some of the most innovative approaches and solutions helping to decarbonise the built environment under the following themes: 

  • Smart & sustainable buildings & cities 
  • Transitioning to net zero carbon 
  • Low carbon technologies, services, products & materials 
  • Resource efficient offsite construction and technologies 

The study mission is open to all building and construction professionals who are interested in identifying new opportunities to decarbonise the built environment. 

 Benefits of participation include: 

  • Explore smart and low/zero carbon concepts and innovations in two leading global cities 
  • Establish relationships with UK and Austrian companies that match your needs and interests 
  • Learn about and experience best practice case examples
  • Understand the technical, economic, social and institutional challenges and opportunities available for organisations looking to develop in smart and low/zero carbon buildings

Event Detail
Event Name: [Cancelled] Study Mission to UK & Austria
Presented By: ---
Date: 01 Mar 2020
Time: 1 Mar - 14 Mar 2020
Capacity: 20
Fee: HK$35,000.00 (HKGBC Members)
HK$35,000.00 (HKGBC Non-Members)
Contact Email: mission2020@hkgbc.org.hk
1 Mar

Arrive London

2 Mar AM (Mon)


Participants will be introduced to the latest state of play on UK’s offsite/pre-manufacturing developments with highlights of projects relevant to enhancing the quality, value and productivity of construction in the Hong Kong context, i.e. highrise, high density and high speed of construction.


Buildoffsite is a 120+ membership based organisation providing an independent voice for the UK construction industry on offsite and pre-manufacturing. 



Bryden Wood 


Participants will join in experience sharing of projects using offsite technologies with insights into drivers, challenges and emerging trends in MMC/MIC/DfMA. 


Bryden Wood is a consultancy leading industry adoption of offsite and advanced construction technologies. The consultancy is a winner of the 2018 Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation.


2 Mar PM

HTA Design 


Participants will join in experience sharing of projects using offsite construction and technologies to create buildings/homes that are both economical to build and have the lowest possible impact on the environment. 


HTA Design is an award winning interdisciplinary design consultancy specialising in urban regeneration, housing and sustainable development. The firm is constructing the tallest modular towers in the world with a delivery time of just 24 months. 38-storey and 44-storey towers are being constructed with 1,500 modules where majority of the fit out is installed, including electrics and plumbing, before modules are transported to the site. 


3-5 Mar (Tue-Thur)

Futurebuild 2020


Conference Sessions

  • An Arena programme addressing 10 key topics for transforming the building and construction industry to achieve net zero carbon emissions in a resilient and sustainable environment including: 
  1. Responding to the global climate emergency
  2. Achieving ‘net zero emissions by 2050’ by built and natural environment professions
  3. Legislation and regulations to achieve 100% net zero carbon
  4. Carbon neutral cities of the future
  5. Behavioural changes for a net zero world
  • Keynote stages will focus on key issues facing the built environment covering: Buildings, Energy, Infrastructure, Interiors, Offsite and Resource Materials
  • Digital impact focused on exploring opportunities and implications of rapidly advancing technologies shaping the future of construction

150+ Seminars and Workshops

  • Delivering practical information and latest thinking on the most innovative technologies for smart and sustainable built environment

450+ Exhibitors

  • Showcasing latest innovations and changes in energy efficient technologies, future renewable products and services, and sustainable, and low carbon materials



King's Cross


King's Cross is one of the largest and most exciting redevelopments in London. The 67-acre site has a rich history and unique setting. The redevelopment promotes sustainable building design, energy efficiency, green transport, resource efficiency, reuse of heritage buildings, and a massive program of tree planting, to ensuring social and cultural diversity. It is one of the most sustainable developments in the UK. 


6 Mar AM (Fri)



Case studies sharing on how cutting edge wireless and cloud-based technologies can gauge concrete strength and quality to enhance the cost and speed of the construction process as well as resource efficiency in a construction project. Through sensors embedded in concrete slabs, data is transmitted to a hub and server for strength analysis. The Converge platform receives the data and sets up alerts to notify when concrete has reached strength minimising testing and wait times. 


Converge is a company that builds wireless and cloud-based technologies to help construction companies plan their projects more efficiently through monitoring concrete in real-time.





Participants will take part in case study sharing of a system of miniature ultra-low power wireless sensors with artificial intelligence and machine learning capability enabling smart buildings, building of smart cities and IoT infrastructure. The sensors are capable of sensing environmental properties, movement, leak detection, and are also capable of crowd counting, enabling the conversion of traditional buildings into smart buildings. Further technological advancements and potential impacts in the short to medium term will also be discussed. 


UtterBerry is a system provider of miniature, artificially intelligent, ultra-low power sensors.


6 Mar PM

The Crystal


Participants will tour one of the world’s most sustainable buildings and home to the world's largest exhibition on the future of cities. They will gain knowledge on the latest technologies enabling green and sustainable buildings. 

The Crystal sets the benchmark for sustainable building design and is the only building in the world to achieve the highest certification in both the BREEAM and LEED green building rating schemes, as well as many other accreditations. Siemens opened the Crystal in 2012 as a global hub for debate on sustainable living and development. The Crystal is an all-electric building that uses solar power and a ground source heat pump to generate its own energy. It showcases state-of-the-art technologies in energy efficient building and also profiles Siemens’ environmental portfolio. 


8 Mar

Arrive Vienna


Hotel Stadthalle


Participants will stay at Boutiquehotel Stadthalle―the first hotel with a zero energy balance. By using photovoltaics and solar energy, and by not using energy guzzling appliances, the hotel is able to produce as much energy per year as it consumes. 


9 Mar AM (Mon)

Briefing - European and Austrian Thinking on how to make a City Livable and Sustainable


The City of Tomorrow: The European Vision.



Briefings by Industry Experts - Introduction of Modern Solutions


Programme organised together with Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. 


Topics include:

  • Innovative and serial wood/cross laminated timber construction
  • Hightech heating and cooling, zero carbon target using innovative Austrian solutions
  • Building Information Modelling - an entire new era in the building industry
  • Pioneering re-use and recycling technologies on the construction site
  • Green and blue infrastructure for urban systems
  • Advanced and cutting-edge materials - coping with the challenge of hybrid material building structures with wood, CLT, concrete, glass, clay, straw etc.
  • Where does urban planning head in tomorrow´s world?”

Networking lunch with experts and industry representatives organised together with Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

9 Mar PM

Smart City Aspern


The visit will introduce participants to smart city strategies adopted by a city which leads the worldwide ranking on the Smart City Strategy Index 2019. In particular, participants will gain insights into how growing populations, traffic congestion and air pollution etc. in cities can be solved with digital technologies embedded in an Integrated Smart City Strategy‒these technologies being crucial in smart green procurement strategies, smart buildings and smart grids. 


Aspern Smart City is a living laboratory for research into the future of urban energy. It was named “Best Smart Project” at the 2016 international World Smart City Awards. As Europe’s most innovative energy-efficiency project, the Aspern Smart City Research company investigates how smart energy systems and intelligent buildings operate in an urban subcenter. 


Aspern Smart City Research (ASCR) is an Austrian government initiative to create a prototype for new urban cities powered by smart energy policies and solutions. Their goal is to develop solutions for an energy future in urban areas and make energy systems more efficient and climate friendly. 


10 Mar AM (Tue)

Green Buildings, Green City


Participants will exchange knowledge with leaders on innovative design concepts as well as materials and products in greening buildings and the urban environment (e.g. green roofs, cascading vertical gardens, verdant walls etc.). They will gain insights into how greening can improve air quality, reduce cooling and heating energy use, reduce the urban heat island effect, and create liveable cities that benefit communities and the health and wellbeing of inhabitants. 


Projects to be visited may include:

  • Hundertwasser House Vienna
  • Residential Complex Kammillenweg
  • MA 48 – Facade Greening
  • Roof Greening – Urban Gardening

10 Mar PM

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) Campus


The university campus is committed to applying the principles of sustainability to teaching, research, knowledge transfer and university management. They are introduced in the campus’s green building guidelines, standards for sustainable construction and holistic approach to campus planning and development.


Since its opening in October 2013, the school has been meeting 60%-70% of its energy needs for heating and cooling through geothermal systems. Ecological urbanism is also central to the campus plan with 9,900m² of bushes and plants, 16,000m² of lawn and 1,000 bicycle spaces. The tour will also showcase various buildings with high level integration of sustainability and innovation with architectural design by world renowned architects, e.g. the Learning Centre by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid is ten times more energy efficient than standard buildings of a similar size.





11 Mar AM (Wed)

Briefing/Site Visits, Linz, Upper Austria
Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energies


The Austrian Province Upper Austria is very forward thinking in energy sustainability. The region houses many innovative energy technology companies.


*Bus trip from Vienna to Linz (2 hrs)


Power Tower, Linz


Built to accommodate Energie AG‒Austrian utility company, the Power Tower is the first highrise office tower which attempted to meet strict Passive House energy efficiency building standard. The building requires no fossil fuel inputs to maintain a comfortable indoor climate resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions than comparable buildings.


11 Mar PM

Visit to Manufacturing Sites of Building Materials


Participants will join a visit to:



  *Bus trip from Linz to Graz 

Overnight stay in Graz

12 Mar AM (Thur)

Visit to a Manufacturer of Mass Timber Construction 


KLH – A pioneer in the manufacture of cross-laminated timber

Tour and Site Visit to Steiermark
Programme together with:

  • Green Tech Cluster Styria – The Green tech Valley is the global hotspot for innovative energy and environmental technologies. Home to 200 companies and research institutions developing green technologies of the future.

12 Mar PM

Graz University of Technology (TU Graz)

Learn about projects such as:

*Return to Vienna (2.5 hrs)

13 Mar AM (Fri)

Urban Renewal of Former Industrial Areas

Various site visits will be organised under the theme the aim of which is to understand the challenges and opportunities in the procurement and redevelopment of brownfield sites in a sustainable manner.

Projects to be visited may include:

  • Development Area North Station
  • Development Area Main Station, Sonnwedviertel
  • Quartiershaus or ERSTE Campus, Wiedner Guertel

13 Mar PM

Plus Energy Office Building at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)


Visit Austria's largest plus-energy-office high-rise building with the largest photovoltaic system integrated into the façade. Completed in 2014, the Plus-Energy Office High-Rise Building of University of Technology Vienna (TU Wien), is a pioneering example of sustainable construction and renovation in office buildings. Originally built in the 1970s, and formerly used as a laboratory building, its renovation was accompanied by a research project. An interdisciplinary team of experts developed innovative strategies and technologies for extreme energy efficiency in office buildings. Today the pioneering solutions that resulted are being demonstrated in real life at TU Wien.



HoHo Vienna


The world’s highest wooden skyscraper in hybrid-construction It is 84 metres high on a 4,000m² plot in Vienna-Aspern. The 24 floors comprise offices/commercial, restaurants, health, beauty, wellness, a hotel and serviced apartments. Approximately 76% of the structure is constructed from wood‒glued laminated timber and cross laminated timber. The simple construction system stacks up four prefabricated serial components: columns, main beams, deck slabs and facade elements. The base surface of wooden composite ceilings, which are based on wooden supports in the final facade layer are attached to the core load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete. The wooden supports, in turn, form a common mounting element with the prefabricated outer wall modules made of solid wood.



14/15 Mar

Arrive Hong Kong

For application and further enquiry, please send email to mission2020@hkgbc.org.hk.


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