31 Oct 2019

IWA-ASPIRE - IWA-ASPIRE Conference 2019

Supported by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, the IWA-ASPIRE Conference 2019 would be held in Hong Kong from 31 Oct to 2 Nov 2019 (Thu to Sat).

The Conference is organised by The International Water Association (IWA), IWA Regional Committee of Hong Kong, China (IWA HK), and Asia Pacific Regional Group (ASPIRE).  With the theme of “Smart Solutions for Water Resilience”, the IWA-ASPIRE Conference aims to address topics related to water supplies, wastewater and stormwater management, greening, energy saving sustainability; as well as total water management.  The highlights will be smart and novel solutions for building up water resilience capability for mega cities in respect of water resources and supply, flood prevention and sanitation.

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Event Detail
Event Name: IWA-ASPIRE - IWA-ASPIRE Conference 2019
Date: 31 Oct 2019
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Contact Phone: 25599973
Contact Email: info@iwaaspire2019.org
Website: https://www.iwaaspire2019.org/index1.html