ND OEQ 4 - Visual Quality

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This is a simple tool for calculating Visual Quality of ND OEQ 4a by inputting the following parameters:
1a) Height and width of the photo frame OR
1b) The total sum of pixels of the photo frame.
2) Amount of pixels in each quality potion. 

OEQ 4 Visual Quality


Encourage the provision of recreation Open Spaces with high visual quality.


1 credit point is awarded where a Visual Quality Study Report is provided on the provision of recreation Open Space(s) within the Site.



Weighting factor Representation Examples
5 Best Quality Waterfront, natural terrain and sky
4 Good Quality Open space (green, park, trees)
3 Medium Quality Low rise development
2 Poor Quality Medium rise development
1 Worst Quality High rise development, 30m or above; and Road and highways


End of Calculation Tool
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