Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl)
Hactl is Hong Kong’s leading independent cargo handler. Its SuperTerminal 1 base is the world’s largest multi-level air cargo terminal, with a capacity of 3.5 million tonnes per annum. 
With 2,400 highly-experienced, professionally trained employees, its award-winning COSAC-Plus community system and comprehensive, state-of-the-art handling facilities, Hactl is the trusted handling partner for over 100 airlines and 1,000 freight forwarders. With no affiliation to any airline, it provides all airline customers with unbiased service. 
Hactl provides complementary integrated logistics solutions through wholly-owned subsidiary Hacis – whose SuperLink China Direct customs-bonded, cross-border trucking system connects Southern China with the world via Hong Kong. 
Hactl has made a major contribution to the development of Hong Kong International Airport, to become the world’s busiest air cargo hub. It is proud of its role as an industry thought leader and benchmark for best practice. Hactl was the first air cargo handler worldwide to achieve the ISAGO standard; the first in Hong Kong to attain WHO GDP for Pharmaceutical Products; and the first to acquire all three IATA CEIV certifications (pharmaceuticals, fresh and live animals). It recently achieved the coveted BEAM Plus Platinum Rating for its sustainability-driven office refurbishment.

香港空運貨站有限公司  (Hactl)
香港空運貨站有限公司  (Hactl)乃香港最具規模之航空貨運站營運商。其「超級一號貨站」為全球最大單一多層式航空貨運站,每年處貨量可達350萬公噸。



Hactl為全球首家獲IATA頒發地勤服務安全審查制度(ISAGO)認證的貨站,更為香港首批通過WHO藥品運輸良好分銷規範認證及IATA CEIV活體動物丶鮮活貨物及醫藥品冷鏈運輸認證的機構,其辦公室翻新工程亦獲頒「綠建環評室內建築1.0版」最高鉑金評級。

Address: 6/F,North Office Block,SuperTerminal 1,Hong Kong International Airport,Hong Kong
Website: http://www.hactl.com/