Explore Arup’s Latest Insights on Lessons Learnt and Next Steps after COP28


Arup has launched a position paper titled “Post-COP28: Decarbonising Hong Kong, lessons learnt and next steps”. A collaborative effort with Civic Exchange and the Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association (ICE HKA), the paper discusses Hong Kong’s potential to be a regional leader in decarbonisation and aims to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing discussions. 

Following COP28 last year, cities around the world will look even more for best practices, leadership and strong partners on how to decarbonise. This paper elaborates on how Hong Kong is uniquely positioned in this regard. It lists out many things that Hong Kong is doing well, what should be further improved and what suggested actions various stakeholders should take to progress at speed and at scale.

Through this paper, Arup hopes to create a transformative impact by expediting the exchange of best practices, promoting collaboration and providing constructive insights into the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities faced by policymakers, the private sector and the civil society. It looks forward to making a meaningful contribution to the ongoing discussions on decarbonisation.

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