Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited: Adopting Green Construction Strategies to Lead the Way to a Sustainable Future

Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited, a responsible corporation and a leading player in the construction industry, places a strong emphasis on environmental protection. With a commitment to developing green and sustainable cities and communities, Chun Wo has achieved remarkable recognition, winning various environmental awards by incorporating environmentally friendly practices into its operations.

Highlight Awards

Hong Kong Green Awards 2022 
Environmental, Health and Safety Award (Large Corporation) (4 Bronze Awards and 1 Merit Award)


Hong Kong Green and Sustainability Contribution Awards 2023
Outstanding Award for Contribution to Livable City Construction (Contractor) - Promote Eco-friendly Construction
Gold Seal for Contribution to Livable City Construction (Contractor) - Promote Eco-friendly Construction


UNSDG Achievement Awards Hong Kong 2023
2 Project Award - Recognised Project

Green Construction Solutions 
Chun Wo's construction processes prioritise efficiency, safety, and environmental impact reduction. Chun Wo leverages advanced technologies and digitisation, such as real-time monitoring sensors installed to monitor and optimise energy and water consumption effectively. AI cameras and underwater drones were also employed to continuously monitor environmental measures and promptly address environmental parameters, site safety, and potential issues. 

The Yip Shing Street Cooperative Social Housing Project adopts the Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) to build transitional social housing on vacant land, significantly enhancing  construction efficiency. 

Additionally, energy power storage systems were deployed to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources. The utilisation of solar energy for electric vehicles charging also contributes to further reductions in the environmental impact.  
Chun Wo also incorporates alternative design and construction techniques that focus on maximising the environmental benefits for the surrounding area. "DC/2022/02 Construction of San Shek Wan Sewage Treatment Works, Associated Submarine Outfall and Pui O Sewerage Works" serves as a prime example of Chun Wo's Green Construction Solutions in action. The project showcased innovative and efficient construction methods including the use of Twin-way Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to shorten the construction period thereby minimal environmental impact, and the adoption of shallow foundation in lieu of conforming piling foundation. Furthermore, the establishment of the dedicated cattle crossing corridor within the site effectively ensures the harmonious coexistence between the construction project and the surrounding ecosystem. Chun Wo also ensures the commitment to corporate sustainability by upcycling felled trees from the site to produce office furniture.
Chun Wo is committed to implementing environmentally friendly strategies, consistently driving digital transformation, and actively pursuing a sustainable future.