Nan Fung Group Commits to Science-Based Targets Initiative and Joins the Global Effort to Move Towards a Green and Sustainable Future

Nan Fung Group (the “Group”) announces its commitment to the Science-Based Targets initiative (“SBTi”) to set ambitious carbon emission reduction and net-zero targets that align with the latest climate goals of the Paris Agreement. The agreement aims to limit global warming to 1.5°C and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, which are targets that the Group is also dedicated to achieving.

In keeping with its company motto of “Care for others as well as you would care for yourself”, the Group will join forces with leading companies in the world to combat the climate crisis. 

Established the Sustainability Framework “SEWIT” to Develop Strategic Practices for Carbon Footprint Reduction

Building on its long-term vision of building socially cohesive, sustainable, and resilient communities, the Group has been ramping up its sustainability efforts to accelerate its pathway in the carbon reduction roadmap.

In 2021, the Group established “SEWIT”, a sustainability framework for the entire company that engages all stakeholders around five strategic pillars: Social Cohesion, Environment, Wellness, Innovation and Technology. By developing solid, implementable guidelines, the Group will integrate “SEWIT” into its entire value chain from financing and investment allocation, supply chain management and procurement, to organisational structure and talent development. The Group will strive to cultivate a sustainable mindset as part of its culture, while consistently incorporating the same philosophy in upcoming projects. 

Ms Vanessa CHEUNG, Group Managing Director of Nan Fung Group, said, “Adhering to our core value of ‘Do Well and Do Good’, the ‘SEWIT’ framework will create shared value and bring a positive impact in all aspects that Nan Fung Group sets foot in. Our vision is to generate sustainable returns for society, the community, and all stakeholders.”

The launch of “In Time Of”, a cross-sector community initiative, is one among many notable examples that demonstrates physical-world manifestations of “SEWIT” and the Group’s efforts in building a resilient future. The initiative curates sustainable and community-facing programmes that penetrate through the Group’s extensive business lines and network to cultivate environmental awareness, enhance cultural interaction and engagement, and empower the community. 

Nan Fung collaborates with local organisations and NGOs to explore the possibilities of urban farming and cultivate a green and low-carbon lifestyle for society through its community-facing initiative “In Time Of”.


The Group is committed to promoting the concept of resilience by strengthening neighbourhood bonding with various community-facing programmes under
“In Time Of”.

Accelerating Its Pace on Green and Sustainable Financing

In early June 2022, Nan Fung Group has negotiated its largest green loan to date from a group of banks to further drive sustainability through its landmark project, AIRSIDE—a show of strong, unwavering commitment to sustainable financing and practices. The proceeds of the loan will be incorporated into eligible, ongoing green or social projects at AIRSIDE. At the Group level, over 40% of Nan Fung's current loans come from green or sustainability-linked financing.

Illustration of AIRSIDE system operation