Hong Kong Organising Committee & Sub-Committees

Organising Committee

The Organising Committee of Hong Kong’s Participation in WSB14 is led by the International and Mainland Affairs Committee (IMC) of the HKGBC. It leads and ensures Hong Kong’s high-level participation in the WSB14; and to act as the decision body for its major decisions, including the delivery of keynote speech, three debate sessions, exhibition booth, the Hong Kong Report on the State of Sustainable Building 2014, and formation of the Hong Kong Delegation.

No. Role Name
1 Chairman Sr Sam CHENG
2 Vice Chairman Mr Evans IU
3 Member Ir Cary CHAN
4 Member Mr HW CHEUNG
5 Member Mr Paul CHONG
6 Member Dr Benny CHOW
7 Member Ms Anna KWONG
8 Member Mr John KWONG
9 Member Ir Keith LAM
10 Member Ir Peter LEE
11 Member Prof. Andrew LEUNG
12 Member Dr Hongyu LI
13 Member Prof. CS POON
14 Member Mr Christopher TO
15 Member Mr Mark TUNG
16 Member Ir Prof. SC WONG
17 Member Ir Dr Raymond YAU

Scientific Sub-Committee

The Scientific Sub-committee is responsible for coordinating with the Development Bureau and the Organising Committee of the WSB14 to steer the scientific & technical content of WSB14 – HK’s Participation and provide input and advice on the keynote speech, and three debate sessions owned by the HKGBC, and to nominate and invite speakers and moderators for the sessions; as well as to prepare for the final proposal of Global Conference on Sustainable Built Environment 2017 (Global SBE17).

No. Role Name
1 Chairman Ir Dr Raymond YAU
2 Vice Chairman Sr Sam CHENG
3 Member Mr Simon LAI
4 Member Prof. Peter LEE
5 Member Prof. Andrew LEUNG
6 Member Prof. Edward NG
7 Member Dr Trevor NG
8 Member Prof. CS POON
9 Member Mr Larry POON

Hong Kong Report and Exhibition Sub-Committee

The Hong Kong Report and Exhibition Sub-committee steers the content direction and all related preparation work of the Hong Kong Report on the State of Sustainable Building 2014 and Exhibition booth; and to set selection criteria, review and shortlist the project or other related submissions.

No. Role Name
1 Chairman Ir Cary CHAN
2 Vice Chairman Dr Benny CHOW
3 Member Mr Michael CHOI
4 Member Mr Clarence FUNG
5 Member Mr Simon LAI
6 Member Mr Keith LAM
7 Member Ms Vivian LEE
8 Member Mr MK LEUNG
9 Member Mr Alvin LO
10 Member Dr Thomas TANG
11 Member Mr Mark TUNG
12 Member Prof. SC WONG