GBA 2012 Categories and Nomination

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GBA2012 Categories and Nomination



Nominations Close
29 February 2012


Main Category Sub-Category Regional Classification
1.  New Buildings (NB)

a.  Completed Buildings
     (Obtained OP1 after 1 January 2007)

b.  Buildings Under Construction
     (Construction of superstructure commenced on or before
      1 December 2011.)

c.  Building Projects under Design

Asia Pacific
Hong Kong
2.  Existing Buildings (EB)

a.  Completed Buildings
     (Revitalisation, Renovation & Rehabilitation)
     (Projects completed after 1 January 2007)

b.  Building Projects under Planning/ Design
     (Revitalisation, Renovation & Rehabilitation)
     (No time restriction.)

c.  Facilities Management

d.  Interiors
     (For completed projects only)

Asia Pacific
Hong Kong
3.  Research & Planning (RP)

a.  Research
(For research projects completed with substantial
      findings/ results.)

b.  Planning

Asia Pacific
Hong Kong
4.  Building Products (BP)   Open


1  OP means the Occupation Permit which applies to the Hong Kong projects.  The equivalent completion permit should apply for
    overseas’ project if there is any.


GBA2012 Nomination Form [download the editable form - word format]