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[Hong Kong] The HKIE Environmental Division Annual Forum 2018

Supported by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, the HKIE Environmental Division Annual Forum 2018 would be held in Hong Kong on 27 April 2018 (Friday).

The forum is organised by HKIE Environmental Division, they would like to promote the discussion on the intelligent resource preservation strategies in Hong Kong by bringing together various stakeholders. The main objective is to inspire, empower, and inform professional bodies, public and all stakeholders on emerging innovative waves in resource preservation intelligence, and to mobilize practical knowledge and know-how for dealing with cross-cutting and challenging issues.

The forum comprises the keynote session and three other sessions: I) Legislation and Policy Reforms as Potential Drivers for Resource Preservation; II) Driving Green Alternatives for Sustainable Resource Management; and III) Embracing Emerging Sustainable Approaches for Managing Specific Resources.

For details and registration, please refer to the below registration brochure.