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[Hong Kong] FuturArc Prize 2018

Supported by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, FuturArc Prize 2018 is now open for nomination.

FUTURARC PRIZE seeks forward-thinking, innovative design ideas for Asia. The Competition offers a platform to professionals and students who are passionate about the environment. Through the force of their imagination it aspires to capture visions of a sustainable future.

The brief for the 2018 competition is A City of Biophilic Delight. Biophilia is our innate connection to nature, a phenomenon rooted in neuroscience and psychology that describes an inherent human need to affiliate with life and life-like processes. Biophilic design, at the scale of a building or a city, integrates natural elements and nature-like qualities into the built environment, thereby creating, in users of that environment, positive feelings and experiences such as calmness and satisfaction.




First Place: S$15,000

First Place: S$10,000

Second Place: S$8,000

Second Place: S$5,000

Third Place: S$4,000

Third Place: S$2,000

(*Prizes subject to changes.)

Winners will be honoured during the BCI Asia Awards ceremony, a gala event that attracts the crème de la crème of the architecture, building and construction industry in all seven BCI Asia countries. The total turnout estimates over 2,500. Winners and their winning projects will appear in FuturArc magazine as well as websites and social media channels. FuturArc is the established leading voice of Green architecture and design in Asia, widely distributed in the region.

The website is now open with details on jury and submission requirements:
Closing date for online registration and submission: 22nd December 2017.