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Biz-Green Dress Day 2017

Climate change is an imminent threat to all of us. The Government is responding proactively through the actions set in Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2030+. What can we as individuals do to help? We believe that every small action counts. We need not think big to make a big impact. A simple change in the way we live our lives can already help combat climate change.

Here is a simple way that you can help – Join us for the Biz-Green Dress Day on 13 September!
The Biz-Green Dress Day has been appealing to the business community since 2013. We encourage office workers to dress Biz-Green to minimise air-conditioning and energy consumption in the offices, thus reducing the carbon emission of office buildings. Companies / Organisations can join as Supporting Organisations and promote the initiative to staff in order to maximise the impact.
Biz-Green Dress Code
  • Wear outfits made with thinner and more breathable fabrics
  • Fewer layers
  • No tie, and open necked shirt
  • Professional yet stylish

Your support is crucial. Act now to combat climate change!

Get Involved
We invite your company / organisation to join as a Supporting Organisation and encourage your staff to follow the Biz-Green dress code. You may also share with us photos for uploading to Facebook or Instagram, so that we can tell the world how Biz-Green your colleagues are. We of course welcome you to share the photos through your own channels. Please add hashtag #BizGreen to spread the message!

Please fill in the below reply slip and return to us at to show your support. We will then share with you an electronic poster to facilitate internal promotion later in  August.

(Click to download the poster)

Let’s go Biz-Green on 13 September 2017 to reduce Hong Kong’s carbon footprint!

For enquiries, please contact us at 3994 8843 or email at


Reply Slip

Our company / organisation will support the Biz-Green Dress Day on 13 September 2017 (Wednesday). We commit to promoting the Biz-Green dress code and related activities to our staff, and encourage them to dress Biz-Green together on 13 September. The logo of our company / organisation is also attached for your further action.

Name of company / organisation:
No. of employees:
Name of contact person:
Tel. no.:
Format of logo (ai, jpg or both, with 300 dpi is preferred):


Supporting Organisations: