The HKGBC has striven to enhance public understanding and awareness towards green buildings and established “My Green Space” Student Competition since 2011. The overarching aim of the Competition is to educate the younger generation with green building knowledge, and nurture them into pioneers in promoting green building concepts. The Competition aims to:
  1. promote green building concepts and its related standards among the school community;
  2. nurture critical and creative thinking by providing training to the school community and encouraging students to express theircreative ideas on green building concepts;
  3. transfer knowledge on green building and its related standards to students and teachers; and
  4. induce students’ behavioural changes towards green lifestyle, and spread the ideas to their families and peers.

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“My Green Space” Student Competition 2022-2023 Virtual Exhibition

From now until end of 2024, you have the opportunity to discover how the winning students have incorporated comprehensive master planning, design, features, facilities, and carbon reduction strategies to envision exciting new low-carbon built environments. Visit the virtual exhibition now: