Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance E-Waste Recycling Campaign

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No way out for old or malfunctioned waste electronic appliances in shops and shopping malls? E-waste contains hazardous components that are harmful to the environment and human health if not properly treated or disposed of.  For instance, lead and mercury, which are usually found in electrical appliances and computers, may cause cognitive deficits in children, and damage the kidneys, liver and the neural, circulatory and reproductive systems. In addition, some WEEE contains CFCs and HCFCs, which destroy the ozone layer and contribute to global climate change.

The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) organises the “Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance E-Waste Recycling Campaign” (Campaign), based on the two out of six aspects of environmental management proposed in the Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance (Alliance), and invites all the Alliance members take the initiatives to reduce municipal solid waste, reuse and recycle materials.

Apart from recycling, functional electronic items will be refurbished and donated to deserving families in Hong Kong to avoid wasteful disposal.

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E-waste Covered in the Campaign


  • Recycling data will be provided to participants after the campaign, providing a clear picture of the amount of e-waste collected during the campaign period.

  • Functional electronic items collected will be refurbished and donated to deserving families to avoid wasteful disposal.

  • A great opportunity to get ready for the Mandatory Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment to be launched in Hong Kong soon.

Key Dates and Procedure

Now – 30 Nov 2017 Collect at least four pieces of e-waste to be recycled, complete the collection form and send to collection@weee.com.hk.

* ALBA-IWS will notify participant via phone or email for the confirmed collection date after submission of collection form.

About Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance

Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance, believed to be the largest network of its kind in Hong Kong for shopping mall operators and shop tenants, aims to create synergies between Alliance members and the social values in sustainable shopping environment. The Alliance encourages members to implement green measures proposed in the Six Aspects, including better use of energy, better use of water, solid waste reduction, reuse and recycling of material, green procurement and social green behaviour.

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Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance E-Waste Recycling Campaign
Expression of Interest

If your shopping mall or shop anticipated to produce e-waste and would like to take this opportunity to engage in a proper way of disposal, just fill in the following form and pledge your participation! The name of participating shopping malls / property management companies / shops will be listed on our website.


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