Speaker Profile: Dominic Purvis

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Mr Dominic Purvis, General Manager,
Marketing and Communication, Swire Properties Ltd

Topic of the Presentation:
Developing Sustainable Communities - Swire Properties "Island East"

Synopsis : 

Covering 9.1 million square feet of commercial space and comprising more than 12,600 households, Swire Properties’ Island East is Hong Kong’s largest private sector community development. Although well known for its sustainability investments into new and existing buildings, Swire recognizes that a sustainable community also needs strong foundations in education, the arts, culture and community interaction. Dominic Purvis investigates the challenges – and the benefits – of developing sustainable communities.

In addition to his marketing and communications role, Dominic is also responsible for Swire Properties’ sustainable development strategy, which covers the design of new developments, the management of existing buildings and the day-to-day business operations of the company.

During his 20 year career at the Swire Group, Dominic has held a variety of positions at Swire Properties and at Cathay Pacific Airways, in Hong Kong, India and Germany. Previously, he was responsible for Cathay Pacific Group’s environmental strategy and its initiatives to reduce emissions, noise and other environmental impacts. He was a founder of the Aviation Global Deal Group, which proposes a standardized global methodology for airlines to account for their carbon emissions.

Born in Hong Kong, Dominic was educated in the UK and the USA and holds an MA from the University of Oxford.