DLN Success Stories - World GB Week 2012

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Apartment, 3 MacDonnell Road, Midlevel, Hong Kong

This project has gained the USGBC LEED CS Provisional Gold Rating. It provides vegetated green space, green roof to create a habitat for wildlife.

New Asian House, Hong Kong

This project has gained the USGBC LEED CS V2009 Provisional Gold Rating. Its building design is to optimize daylight at the street and podium level.

Double Cove, Hong Kong

The concept of "Living in a Park" and "Creating a Walkable Community" is the basis of the sustainable design for the Double Cove Development.

Hysan Place, Hong Kong

It is the first attempt in Hong Kong to integrate low level urban windows and oasis at the most expensive commercial area to encourage urban ventilation, alleviate pollution and improve micro-climate in the neighborhood. 

Hotel on Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

This project is a comprehensive development with hotel, service apartments and office all connected by a podium with shopping & community facilities.

Sceneway Garden, Hong Kong

It is a creation of a livable environment from a landfill site and a public vehicular highway. It has an open space with plenty of soft landscaping by decking over public road (Lei Yue Mun Road) for the residential development.