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Presentation copies of Mandatory CPD Event - Integrating Ecology in Sustainable Neighbourhood (13 June 2015)
Thanks for participating the captioned event and presentation resources are available for your information.

Please note that file availability will be expired at 31 July 2015.

(1) Principles of Sustainable and Ecological Landscape Design by Alexander M Duggie, Sandy, Director, BEAM Society Ltd., Managing Director, Urbis Limited
DownloadPDF 14.39 MB
(2) Making Green Roofs Work by Matthew Pryor, Head of the Division of Landscape Architecture, The University of Hong Kong
DownloadPDF 5.85 MB
(3) Redefining the Traditional Waterfront: An Ecological Vision for Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour by Sean Quinn, Head of Sustainable Design, 10 DESIGN
DownloadPDF 13.36 MB
(4) Local Upcycling of Organic Waste - Foodwaste Upcycling to Food & Green Building Material by Henry Ngai, CEO, HK Organic Waste Recycling Centre
DownloadPDF 1.44 MB
(5) Hydrobionts, Habitats, Biodiversity, and Conservation What’s the format of “Nature-Human Symbiosis” alike in our future? by Chong Dee-hwa, President, Ichthyological Society of Hong Kong
DownloadPDF 8.75 MB
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