Seminars - HKGBC Jockey Club Green and Smart Community Buildings Project

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A series of seminars will be held in 2018/19 targeting personnel from the NGO communities, particularly to those who are keen on transforming their existing buildings but lack the know-how on implementation. These seminars will begin with a general introduction of BEAM Plus followed by topics of interest such as green building management, building retrofit, retro-commissioning/on-going commissioning and application of smart green technologies. Case sharing will also be included.

*All seminars will be conducted in Cantonese.

Content of seminars:
  1. BEAM Plus Rating Standard and Its Applications to NGO Buildings
  2. Enhancing Health and Wellbeing through Office Renovation
  3. Retro-Commissioning Training - Introduction of Retro-Commissioning
  4. Retro-Commissioning Training - Practices and Process to carry out Retro-Commissioning on central building services installation
  5. ISO50001 Energy Management System
  6. Unleashing Buildings with IoT
  7. Case Study of BEC Headquarters Transformation Project