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About the Urban Experiment

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In late 2016, HKGBC and HKPSI joined hands to carry out a series of urban experiments in Kwun Tong as part of the roll-out programmes of BEAM Plus Neighbourhood, the first rating tool of BEAM Plus with a focus on public realm and community engagement.  With the objectives to raise the awareness of the development industry and general public about the importance of public realm, and to demonstrate ways to analyse and interpret quality public space design, three experiments were carried out, with different themes in placemaking with the use of public art and community-related uses, as well as visibility and openness in open space.  The experiments attempt to answer important questions such as:


(1) how to enliven the public space?
(2) how to create relevant and meaningful public art for local community?
(3) how to get acceptance and endorsement by the local community?
(4) how to handle the conflicting uses of a public space?

The experiments do not end there. Creating better public space for all demands aspirations, collaboration and participation from the government, developers, designers, facility managers, and most importantly, the community.  To share the lessons learned with the professionals and the community alike, HKGBC is planning to document the experiments, in the content of the objectives of BEAM Plus Neighbourhood.  If published, the book will be a good reference to stimulate more dialogues and partnerships for better public realm in Hong Kong.



Click HERE to know more about BEAM Plus Neighbourhood.



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