By streamlining the assessment processes and reducing fee for multiple-project registration, volume certification enables property owners, developers and facility managers to assess the sustainability performance of multiple existing buildings in a faster and more economic manner.

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Why BEAM Plus EB Volume Certification?

Scaling up Building Certification at a Lower Cost and Reduced Effort Synergising Corporate Sustainability Policies Across Buildings Facilitating Disclosure of Sustainability Performance
By introducing pre-approved credit mechanism and portfolio assessment mechanism, the assessment processes could be streamlined and compacted. With these mechanisms, the project applicants could certify multiple existing buildings in one go in a faster and more economic way. Corporate sustainability policies are usually enforced to all buildings across the entire building portfolio. Through certifying buildings by portfolio assessment mechanism, the project applicants could ensure that the sustainable operating practice are effectively applied to each building in the portfolio. The standards and the assessment mechanism of BEAM Plus EB aligns with the disclosure mechanism of many reporting initiatives in the market. This enables project applicants to better communicate the building sustainability result to their stakeholders.

How the fee reduction works?

1. Get started with at least 5 properties
Reduced fee for BEAM Plus EB Volume Certification only applies to projects of BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0, either Comprehensive Scheme or Selective Scheme, and they must adopt either one of the new assessment mechanisms.

To enjoy the reduced registration fees, the project applicant should aim to enrol at least 5 properties in each project portfolio. Project applicants are also advised to consult BEAM Society Limited (BSL), the assessment body, for assessment feasibility before registration.

2. Submit Registration of Your Building Portfolio
The properties in the portfolio should opt for the same scheme, which is either Comprehensive Scheme or the same assessment aspect under the Selective Scheme.

Portfolio Registration Form
Please send the filled registration form to [email protected]. HKGBC Secretariat provides you with support in filling in the registration form.

3. Settle the Registration Fee
The reduced registration fees are calculated based on the accumulated number of registered properties in a portfolio under the same owner / developer or facility management company. When the registration fee is settled, the portfolio is successfully registered.

Reduced Registration Fee for BEAM Plus EB Volume Certification Download

4. Kickstart the Assessment of the Building Portfolio
Project teams can make use of pre-approved credit mechanism and portfolio assessment mechanism to get the portfolio assessed. BSL is the assessment body, please contact BSL Secretariat for more information on the assessment process.

Procedures Manual for Pre-approved Credit Mechanism and Portfolio Assessment Mechanism Please refer to
BEAM Plus Procedures Manual (Assessment).

5. Portfolio certified! Show your achievement
A certificate for the building portfolio will be issued by the HKGBC, and a BEAM Plus Project Online Account will be activated for the portfolio after certification. The project team can access project information of all properties under the portfolio and retrieve the certificate and promotional materials for the portfolio.

Additional services for individual properties under the certified portfolio are available, e.g. certificate issuance, BEAM Plus Certification Plaque order for individual building projects. For more information, please contact HKGBC Secretariat.