BEAM Affiliate

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A BEAM Affiliate is a person accredited by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) as being competent to support green building design, construction and operations.

The new qualification welcomes members of sub-professional or technical staff working in the construction/real estate industry, interior design practitioners, or recent degree graduates who are in the process of working towards a professional qualification. The credential also provides an individual who cannot yet meet the BEAM Pro requirement with an alternative route to become a BEAM Pro.


In brief, three major reasons to go for the BEAM Affiliate credential are:

Knowledge:  Preparation for the BEAM Affiliate examination requires training and study. In the process, your knowledge in green building will definitely be enhanced.

Recognition:  BEAM Affiliate credential serves as an unbiased endorsement of your green building knowledge.

Progression:  A BEAM Affiliate is allowed to proceed to the BEAM Pro training and examination after he/she has fulfilled the prescribed requirements. 


BEAM Affiliate Training and Examination

Registration form of BEAM Affiliate Training and Examination and Candidate Handbook are now available to download for reference.

BEAM Affiliate Training and Examination Format Issue Date

BEAM Affiliate Training Registration Form

Details of the training are now available on BEAM Society's website. Please visit HERE.

[pdf] 17.10.2014
BEAM Affiliate Candidate Handbook (English Version) [pdf] 09.06.2014
BEAM Affiliate Candidate Handbook (Chinese Version) [pdf] 09.06.2014                   

BEAM Affiliate logo is available now to be placed on BEAM Affiliate's name cards. Use of logos should be in accordance to guidelines. Apply the logo now by completing the submission form.