BEAM Professionals (BEAM Pro)

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BEAM Professionals (BEAM Pro) are green building professionals accredited by the HKGBC in various aspects of the entire green building life cycle. A key role of BEAM Pro is to integrate the latest green building standards and practices into everyday building planning, design, construction and operation. In a typical engagement, BEAM Pro are embedded in project teams; and will be responsible for advising the project team on how to achieve the required credit points to attain the client’s desired green building rating level.

A project team can consider to invite a BEAM Pro to help facilitate the submission of data to the independent BEAM Assessors. There may be a number of BEAM Pros engaged in individual disciplines within a project team.

Become a BEAM Professionals (BEAM Pro)
Step 1: Complete the one-day BEAM Pro Training
Step 2: Attend the BEAM Pro Examination
Step 3: Register as the BEAM Pro after passing the BEAM Pro Examination

BEAM Pro is required to take certain number of hours of CPD seminars or courses every year to maintain the professional qualification.