Questionnaire about BEAM Plus Platinum Project Roving Exhibition

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Thank you for working with us on the BEAM Plus Platinum Project Exhibition! We appreciate greatly for the time and effort you spent on this initiative. To improve our publicity plan in the future, we would like to collect your feedback about the exhibition and other marketing initiatives. Please kindly spare a few minutes to fill in the following questionnaire.

Your Project Name

About BEAM Plus Platinum Project Roving Exhibition

1. Do you think the exhibition can raise awareness of the public about green buildings in Hong Kong?

2. Do you think the layout of the panels (short description of green features and project description with 6 photos with description) is appropriate for public to learn more about green buildings?

3. This year, the BEAM Plus Platinum Project Roving Exhibition has been displayed in 7 locations, do you think the locations of the exhibition can reach out to the public?

We exhibited at: (1) Kowloon Park Arcade, (2) Yau Tong Domain Shopping Mall, and BEAM Plus Platinum project locations including (3) ZCB, (4) Hang Seng Management College, (5) Hong Kong Science Park, (6) Open University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Campus Jubilee College and (7) Business Environment Council Headquarters - Jockey Club Environmental Building.

4. Do you think our coordination/logistics are well arranged for your team?

5. Overall, are you satisfied with this marketing initiative?

6. How can we improve the roving exhibition in the future?

7. Will your organisation be interested in providing venues for roving exhibitions in the future?

About BEAM Plus Success Stories

Earlier this year, we have launched BEAM Plus Success Stories on HKGBC website ( ). It is a public directory of BEAM Plus projects that have achieved Final Assessment ratings, showcasing project information including the background as well as architectural and construction challenges in the project. We are preparing to expand the scope to include projects achieving Provisional Assessment ratings. We would like to ask:

8. Do you agree the Success Stories page helps the public to understand more about BEAM Plus projects?

9. How can we improve the current webpage on Success Stories? Please let us know your view.

About Future Marketing Initiatives

We are planning some marketing initiatives in the future as well. We would like to know how interested you are in our future initiatives:

10. Interactive Exhibition of BEAM Plus Final Platinum and Gold projects

BEAM Plus projects that have achieved Final Platinum and Gold rating will be invited to enroll in a 1-month slot at a permanent exhibition location, where project teams can prepare TV contents, models and interactive elements to introduce their projects to the public.

11. Green Building Tour

Guided by BEAM Professionals, green building tours will be organised for the public. The walking tour will cover symbolic green buildings and the public could have the chance to know more about their environmental features.

12. TV/Radio Broadcasting about Green and Healthy Buildings

The programme will feature green buildings with the topic scope of health which is specified by broadcasting company. It will be produced in several episodes and each episodes last for half an hour.

13. Do you have other suggestions for HKGBC to promote BEAM Plus and green buildings to our public?